Soon to be ex-seasons and Quidditch

Friday, June 12, 2009

For once I wasn't the person who started this randomness about hockey players playing Quidditch (you know, Harry Potter). That isn't to say that I didnt get in on the madness:

And tonight is the last night of the season. For real. After tonight, there will be no more NHL hockey for a loooooong, loooooooooong time. I'll try to enjoy it but it won't be easy.... I want those Puffles to go down SO much right now. *sighs* Oh well. For my first ever NHL season, it's been crazy. So thank you to my Habbies, Ovie and the Caps and Peach Fuzz for making it amazing. Oh and special "thanks" to Crysob, Squeaky Marty and the Sens for providing me with hours of easy entertainment. Maybe one day I"ll grow up and stop being mean to you but not right now.... Sowwy.

I was going to write up something more interesting but then my brain shut down on me so you're stuck with this lame crap. Sorry *g*


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