Peachhawks show their age

Sunday, May 24, 2009

... or total lack thereof. I refuse to go into gory details but yeah, they brought out their immature side today. The good news is, that this team looks set to be fantastic in the near future - once these guys grow up a bit. That is good news indeed, because I can not really stomach the idea of yet another Penguins/Red Wings final next year.

Please - for the love of hockey - someone please make your team into a serious contender and knock out those Pens and Wings. Hey, I'm still dreaming of that lovely Capitals/Peachhawks finals. That would be so sick. In the good way. Make it happen. Pwease.

Anyway... ten days off from this mess sounds so appealing right now. Imagine. Ten days without seeing Puffy's puffy face on the TV (in theory). Ten days without the Wingsies. I can't wait to pretend the season is over and nobody won the Stanley Cup. The Pens shattered most of what was left of my hockey heart that wasn't already smushed by the Habs and the Wings just killed the little bit that was left. Thanks Wings. Hockey can officialy go off and die until training camp comes around in the fall.

No more hockey, please. I'm going to watch my tennis and I'm going to like it. Maybe. Depends on Roger Federer.... He'll probably crush my tennis heart by losing in spectacular fashion. Great.

EDIT: The stupid NHL is now trying to say it wants to bump up the date of the finals if both series finish up by Wednesday. Pfffft. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, DAMNIT!


Grrrreg said...

You're right, at this point, 10 days without those playoffs wouldn't feel so bad! But I think I'd rather see the season be over for good as soon as possible... (but of course, in a month and a half, I'll be starving for hockey) =)

Eternal Pessimist said...

Well, yeah, that's the thing, right? I'll be whining about having zero hockey about a week after the season is over.... myeh.... It's hard to like hockey right now when I don't like the teams in it right now (save for the peachhawks) and we've had some 30 degree weather here. MINUS 30 is when they play hockey. Not when it's PLUS 30. Yuck.

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