Insane rumor of the day: Roy as headcoach AND GM?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Via TSN:

Patrick Roy could be head coach and general manager of the Colorado Avalanche if he accepts the posts from his former club.

According to - a Montreal-based news website - Avs president Pierre Lacroix has offered Roy both jobs and that Roy wants to hire former teammate Sylvain Lefebvre and Drummoundville head coach Guy Boucher as his assistants.

The GM posting became vacant after Lacroix fired Francois Giguere last month and Tony Granato is still the team's head coach.

The Montreal report added that Craig Billington - the Avs' vice president of hockey operations and Roy's former backup, could serve as a co-general manager.

The Denver Post reported last week that the Avalanche offered Roy the coaching job, and added there was a possibility he might get the vacant general manager's job as well. also reports that Lacroix is offering Roy almost full control over the club's hockey operations as a way of trumping any potential offer from his other former team - the Montreal Canadiens.

Um.. What?! I mean....Whatever keeps him from coming to Montreal. And I heard a rumor that Boucher was headed to Hamilton. Which would be nicer. Don't you just love rumor season?

Question to ponder: What would it be like to work with your former backup? For some reason I just can't picture that working out so well. Maybe it's because I can't imagine Roy getting along with anybody to begin with?


The Puck Stops Here said...

I think Roy should coach your habs :) that'd be a good fit.

and yes, i'm surprised Tuukka didn't flip out since he let up such a shitty goal in overtime. i was waiting for it, but it didn't happen. don't root for Hershey, root for the wannab's :)

Number31 said...

...Why would Boucher go to Hamilton? What about Ron the Dog Wilson? He and Lever were a hell of a team...

I think the Avs have gone bonkers.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Hailey - it'd all be about Roy though. I've heard that he's done a good job with the Ramparts but it'd be insane if he was here. I also wonder if he ever came here we'd never get rid of him no matter what he did. Kinda like Gretzky... only maybe not as bad....

Number31 - that's what I wondered... I dunno.... I'm kind of taking a strange delight in these stupid and insane rumors. It's either be amused or be angry so =p

Grrrreg said...

I'd like Roy to get that coaching job in Colorado. I don't want him in Montreal, until he gets some experience as an nhl coach somewhere else. We've had enough rookie coaches. I'd like to see someone who's been around for a while.

Number31 said...

Patrick Roy was always paranoid of his backups regardless of how good their relationship was.

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