Oh you mean there's something other than hockey coming up?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Well, if hockey won't be interesting, then maybe tennis or football will. Then again, maybe not.

This Sunday will see the start of Roland Garros aka the French Open. What is this and why do we care? Well, let's see, it's the second of four Grand Slam tennis tournaments (Grand Slam = Uber important tournament). It's played in... France (hence the name). And it's played on clay. Yeah, that's the part part. Why? Because the Clay Monster (aka Nadal aka the Ovie of Tennis) has just OWNED this tournament. At 22, he's already bidding for his 5th straight title here which would give him the record for the most consecutive wins in Paris. So basically we can just kiss everyone else goodbye and just hand Nadal the silver salad bowl of doom.... the Ovie of Tennis will dominate and will either be challenged by the More-Adorable-Version-of-Crosby or the Djoker. I'll go on the record with my lame predictions and say we'll see Nadal and Djokovic in the final. Whoo......

And on Wednesday I will see if the More-Arrogant-Version-of-Crosby will win the battle of two football teams I don't like. Yay. FailCrosby better lose because I can NOT stand him. Whooo!

AAAAAAAAAAAND! My city sucks right now. Or at least a certain store near me that allegedly carries sports shirts/jerseys. I went in and first off, all their cool Habs stuff still costs a flipping fortune. Which made me mad because I wanted to buy Habs stuff. So I went to the back of the store where they stuff other teams' stuff. I figured I'd at least look to see if they had any Peach Fuzz shirts that I could at least oggle over.... Well, thanks to all the flipping Peachhawks bandwagoners they only had THESE instead.

Is there no stopping the Crysob from taking over the world? SOMEONE STOP HIM! We'll create a resistance movement. Like John Connors in the last Terminator movie that apparently made no sense. The normal people versus the robot Crysob!

Oh and Keenan was fired as headcoach of the Flames.

I guess there isn't something other than hockey after all....


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