Crysob has taken over the sports networks

Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Crysob being Puffy.... That was a little too fun to draw...(and yes, I just noticed now that I butchered Sid's name up. I have no idea why there are two Ys in it.... Clearly I wasn't thinking).

I would like it to be October so I can actually talk about something interesting.... Yuck... This round of the playoffs isn't cutting it...

Oh and I'm renaming Fleury.

For the longest time Puffles' goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was simply "Fleury" to me. Then when I got into this whole naming spree I called him "MAF". Easy enough. Marc-Andre Fleury = MAF. Except... everyone was calling him MAF. So I added some extra letters and made it "Maffy". Still, I know I had failed when everyone knew exactly who I was talking about. It's not a crazy EP name if everyone knows who it is at first. No way. This made me sad, so I set out to find a new name for him. Among the choices were (thanks to the Tweeps who helped with the names(...

  • Flurry
  • Flurries
  • Snowy
  • Flurfy
  • Mafly
  • Flandre
  • Flambe
  • one that sounded like Furby
  • Toothpick
In keeping with the food theme, I went with Flambe. Yes, pretend there's an accent on the e at the end. I'm lacking a keyboard with such lovely accents. Maffy is now Flambe.

Yeah, I am SO suffering from Habs and Caps withdrawal....


Grrrreg said...

Flambé. Sounds good.

(hmmm, I can pùt accents évèrywhêre I wànt wïth my French keyboard...)

Eternal Pessimist said...

Oo pooh on you! =p actually, I think I can get them if I change around a couple of settings. But then that ruins my ability to use a "?"...or something...

This poor blog is getting so abused...I really should write up something.... boo...

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