Hey wait... I thought the Habs/Bruins series was over?!

Friday, May 8, 2009

As a Habs fan, I can sadly say that I saw this movie before. It's called "Why the heck are we imploding like this?". I swear the Habs/Bruins were out on the ice at Mellon Arena tonight. Guess who the Habs were.

Oh yeah.

I couldn't believe it.

It was just like the Habs/Bruins series. The great goalie gets zero support from his team and they go down to the big bad team in black and gold. The great forwards can't seem to find the back of the net. The defense was dead. The powerplay was dead. The fans were obnoxious. The opposition was intorable. I swear the PA guy even did a little "whooOOOoooo".
At least the Caps actually scored more than two goals. They had three. Including a shorty. But then they forgot how to help out their goalie andhe couldn't save them tonight.
What does this mean?

Do we panic? Is it the end for the Caps? Do we freak out completely now because the Pens look just that good now and the Caps look just that bad?
Well, unlike the Habs against the Bruins, I believe the Caps are more than capable of taking out the Pens. They need to stay focused, they need to stay out of the penalty box, they need to play better defense, they need to back up their goalie and they need to remember that a game is 60 bloody minutes long. I really dont' think that's too hard to implent really. The Caps have what it takes to win. They aren't an inferior team to the Penguins. But the Penguins have been playing like a team and battling harder for longer throughout the games than the Caps have. The Caps must match that. Tonight, they looked dead on their feet. Tomorrow, back home in front of their amazing fans, they need to bring it. They need to bring that crazy Ovie intensity. All of them.
The fact that both teams are the only ones to have one their home games so far (waiting on the Whalercanes game tonight), seems to indicate that home ice advantage seems uber important. They must take advantage tomorrow tonight. Both teams will be tired from tonight but the Caps need to take the support from their crowd and use it to get back ahead here. I could also seeing this going downhill completely if the Pens grab momentum early. But I'm trying to be positive here for once *g*

Bruins... Bruins... Bruins....

What's going on? Going down to the Whalercanes ain't so nice. Because let's face it Habs fans, it's the Whalercanes with the StaalClone1. Do we really want a Whalercane/Puffles series???! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh Colin and your magic boxes of suspending powers

I may be biased here - okay, I am being biased here - but I honestly do not believe that Ovie meant to kill Poke2's knee. Did he mean to hit him? Well yes, Ovie did mean to hit Gonchar, but I really don't think he meant to hit his knee... I still think you'd have to be really stupid to collide knee on knee with someone on purpose. If only because the potential to ruin your own knee is too great.... please don't pull our your stupid boxes of randomness and suspend Ovie.

Oh and....

Bettman. Just give the guy the damn team already. This whole "we're committed to keeping the team in a place where they don't have enough fans to keep it running" is ridiculous already. Not saying I like Balsillie or anything but Bettman being stubborn like this is silly.


Number31 said...

Ya know...about Ovie's hit on Gonchar... If it were, say, Tom Kostopoulos accidentaly kneeing him while Gonch tried to avoid what would have been a shoulder hit (might have been just as bad anyway), I bet you he would have been suspended. Like how Pleky got that joke of a suspension. That's just how the NHL works eh.

My only concern with Ovie is he's always been way too reckless when he hits. I wish he would be smarter when he throws one instead of just bowling for vulnerable players. And he realizes it, but still does them.

Or maybe he should throw the hit on Bettyman. Knock some sense into him. Or knock him silly. Whichever is cool by me. Toss in Bill Daly for bonus points.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yeah, he should hit Colin Campbell and his suspending boxes of doom *g*

But seriously... the NHL shouldn't have separate rules for the stars and Canadiens. Or just the stars even. It is pretty ridiculous. I'm not endorsing Ovie's hit at all... As much as I hate the Pens, I don't like seeing people get hurt like that (I'm particularly partial to knee injuries, having had mild knee problems myself). Ovie does need to work on that whole steam-rollering over people thing if he doesn't want to kill them and get in serious trouble for it (because if he does continue this he will get in trouble at some point). I just don't think that he meant kill Gonchar like the Pens fans keep saying....

When they talked about that whole death threat thingy by a teen in Pensville, I couldn't help but wonder if said person has ever seen how Ovie delivers a hit.... I wouldn't go within a mile of an angry Ovie.... =p

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