Haven't forgotten the Habbies

Saturday, May 9, 2009

So I'm sitting here in a Caps shirt about to write up a post about what the Caps need to do to win tonight, when I remembered that this is supposed to be about the Habs. Not that I can't like the Caps too, but it's been surprisingly easy to forget about the Habs lately. The babble and obsession has died down, the minimal support in the form of flags, shirts and whatever, have mostly disappeared, the bandwagoners have crawled back into their little holes.... It's almost like we're ashamed to be a fan of our team because of how poorly they did in the post-season. While that's not my case right now, I've gone off and put my full support behind my second team. It's been Caps, Caps, Caps none stop now.

I felt kind of bad about that so to assauged said guilty, I went off to browse the Canadiens official site for no reason. Throughout the season I've been ignoring the "play off the week" thing on the Canadiens official site but last night I took a peek at the "plays of the year" thingy that you can vote for. Despite being in the middle of a Caps game, I looked at them all. As someone who actually saw all those plays either on TV or live (two of them were from the two games I saw live) - it really brought back a lot of the highs from this season.

Some of my favorites were... Lang deking out StaalClone3 en route to his second of three goals that night... Lapierre's cool shootout winner against the Sens (because I was sitting at the other end of the rink screaming at him to put it past Elliot so I could gloat about the Sens losing)...Sergei's last second goal against the Caps that sealed a win for us (because that game was freaking exciting. Forget Ovie vs Puffy).... any and all Priceberg saves (particularly the one on Ovie. If there is one thing I love more than an Ovie goal, it's my Priceberg robbing Ovie of a goal. Sorry Ovie). Okay so I liked them all.... =p The point is, while it's so easy to think that the year was such a huge bust, when I looked at those highlights, I remembered why I got excited about the team. I remembered why I loved them so much.

Sorry if this sounds sappy. I guess while it's great to back the Caps, they still aren't really *my* team and I'm missing my team a lot.


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