Guess it's bandwagon time!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well, it was officially bandwagon time as of last night actually. And it's fun. I love this. For now. Until I pick a team that I want to win..... then it won't be fun....

I went from cheering for the Bruins to cheering for the Whalercanes, back to cheering for the Bruins then back to cheering for the roof to cave in. At the end of the night, I decided to go to sleep, figuring I'd wake up tomorrow and see who one.. Only... I left tweetdeck open on my comp in my room and.. lo and behold, I saw a Whalercanes victory when I came upstairs. Oopsies...... That's not how it was supposed to work. Not only will I not get to see Looch suspended for life for taking out Puffy for good, but now I have to see TWO Staalclones? No way. NO WAY. I've been completely robbed of a Looching. And a Looching of the Pens is a good thing. BAH. I swear if someone is fixing this stupid playoffs, I'm going to waterbottle them.

Then again... my Habs hockey soul was just saved from having to cheer for the Bruins...

But still. I wanted a Looching *pouts*

Obviously I don't support a Whalercanes/Puffles series either so I'm off to the Western Conference. I've been rooting for the Wings now, but I swear if I could just figure out the magic formula for liking Kane and Toews, I'd do it. I like exciting hockey. The Wings, I'll be honest, don't make me excited. I respect the hell out of the Wings and I think they're great, but I'm going through Post-Ovechkin-Syndrome right now... And besides... Semin technically endorses Kane and Toews, right? *G*

The ONE and only plus to a Whalercanes/Puffles series is the StaalClone drinking games. Not that I drink (even the best of them would be out in 5 mins anyway). And I don't think I could stomach a full series of StaalClones. Especially not THESE two Staal clones. These two have to be the worst. I wonder if it's a coincidence that these two look a like? Really. 1 and 3 look a lot alike and 2 and 3 look a lot alike. Really! But whatever....

If you are a Hawks or Wings fan, feel free to try to win me over. If you're Whalercanes or Puffles fan... well.... you can try to persuade me but it won't work. Even if Maffy is the most likable goalie left...

And on a more serious note.... Bs fans.... I'm honestly sorry for you guys. Your team had a great year (mainly at my expense, I'll be honest *g*). It's scary to think that they'll come back just as strong, if not stronger, next year. You've been fantastic and it's been a... well.... after my team went out and I got over it, it's been a pleasure chatting on Twitter with you all *g* Almost looking forward to seeing the Bs and the Habs next year...! In the words of Boston's really annoying PA guy: WHOOOOOoooooooooOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOOOOOoo


Number31 said...

Reasons why I like the Blackhawks:
- Captain Sideburns Toews
- Cabbage Patch Kid Kane
- Byfuglien (pronounced "BUFFlin")
- Versteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg
- Havlat is not a Sens anymore
- Burish has big hair
- Lots of Canadians on the team
- Made Luongo cry
- Beat the Crapnucks

Grrrreg said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The bruins are out, life is good again. I haven't had the opportunity to chat with their fans on twitter yet, so I can ignore the fact that they're probably nice people too, and stay completely immature and enjoy their demise. But I admire you, this was a classy hommage to them. (I'm relieved I won't have to watch you rooting for the Bruins, to be honest!) ;-)

Now, I completely agree with Number31, go Hawks! Toews' sideburns rock.

Eternal Pessimist said...

This.... so hard...... Hawks... Wings... Hawks? Wings? BAH. This calls for another lame post.

And Grrrreg, secretly, there is a part of me that is singing "haha you're dead" by Green Day. It's not nice and I respect the Bruins fans...and I like most of the ones I've had the chance to interact with, but the very small immature Habs fan part of me that saw my guys go down to the Bs is screaming that song... Thank goodness it's a very small part of me =)

HabsTwit said...

Great post EP! I'm Hawks all the way. Anything else would just be mundane. Unfortunately I think Detroit is too much for them... Khabby-boolin better play awesome!

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