What the heck? Del Potro beat Nadal?!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yes, people, the hockey game was SO boring that I went off to look at tennis scores. And I did NOT like what I saw. I love Nadal despite the fact that he clobbered the Fed in Australia and now I'm very mad tha Mr. No. 1 won't be around to challenge Murray when he gets into the semi finals. BAH. I needed Nadal to get rid of Murray.

Anyway the Habs/Isles game.....I was awake for it. Really.

(credit for the photo goes to Isles-fan and queen of Twitter, Dani, who was at the game and snapped this picture of the buses loaded with Habs fans. She said she counted 13 of them!)

I swear the Isles have some weird power to screw with time. 1) the game started on time pretty much 2) After 15 mins, 10 mins were gone in the game..... 3) by the time the first period ended, it wasn't even eight 8:00 and it felt both like not that long and forever since the game started.

Aside from the weird time thing, I had the misfortune of losing my power for about an hour before the game. I was freaking out majorly but thankfully the guys put the power back on just at 7. I guess they got a lot of angry calls from all the Habs fans in my area =p I had the radio on though just in case...

First period, was so..... boring.....However, I could take comfort in the knowledge that my Habs were actually scoring. Koivu flew and went five hole on Danis. And then got squashed like a bug on the ice while Kovy went around celebrating. Nice Kovy. And Scheider got a goal after previously giving away the puck to the Isles and creating a two-on-one shorthanded chance. Andrei came close to making things even with me but failed. He still owes me.

Second period saw a beautiful goal by Tanguay, a nice goal by Markov on the PP and a bad goal by the Isles. I don't remember much more than that other than I was bashing the Staal brothers on Twitter....

Moving to the third period....I see an Islanders fan in the crowd! I see one! Do I get a prize for spotting the Islanders fan in the crowd? Do I? No? Fine. Komisaurus gets a goal after several guys take shots on Danis they bounced away. Mike's dad was on the radio so I hope he saw that goal. Kostopoulos gets a penalty shot and actually hits Danis. I thought he'd go really wide so actually getting the puck to touch Danis was a good thing. Umm... some other stuff happened.... a couple of close calls by the Isles which were stopped by Jaro....Andrei got his head bashed. This Kostitsyn's really seem to be a target for head bashing....

All in all the Habs weren't exactly playing as perky-ish as they were against the Blackhawks but they didn't need to. Isles had some moments of strong play which got them nowhere. Habs fans will take those two points and run and the Isles fans will be pleased to see their team continue on their Tavares Cup parade.... After all this they better win the lottery thinger.

The good:
  • WIN
  • All the Habs fans in Long Island
  • Komisaurus getting a goal
  • Finally a not lame game against the Isles
  • Not being in 8th
The bad
  • The boringness of the game at times...
  • The ickyness of the game at times (give away after give away.... after......fine, so there weren't that many.... It just felt like a lot).
The ugly
  • the prospect of the Panthers taking this away by winning....

Enemy watch
  1. Amid my Staal brother bashing, I was not unaware of the fact that Eric was doing some work putting his team ahead of Marc's team which good for the Habs because we are no longer in 8th!!!!!!!!!!! We're in 7th by 1 point now and more imporantly, we're two - wait, three?! - points up on those pesky Panthers who play Kovalchuk tomorrow. C'mooon Ilya!
  2. Sens couldn't beat Boston. Surprised?
  3. Nobody else matters. Unless you count the Blues and the possibility that if they make the playoffs then the whole division goes to the playoffs.....


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Nice little win. It's getting exciting again!

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The winning is always nice at the end of the night not matter how it's gotten.

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