What the Habs need is......

Thursday, April 16, 2009

...someone who has.....:
  • The Good Kovy's scoring abilities
  • Koivu's perkyness when he scores
  • Turtle-Pleky's work ethic
  • Stewie's hitting abilities
We'd have the perfect guy... Too bad we can't find someone like that....Wait.... whaddya mean the league already has a guy like that? Where? Oh... *gets out email*

Dear George McPhee,

Hi. I was wondering if you could possibly lend us Alexander Ovechkin for a game or too? It's not like you need him tonight or anything and we could really benefit from having him... What do you say? We can give you.... Brisebois.... and you can have Tampa Bay's mascot. How about it?

Thanks in advance,


Yeah, I realize we'd be better off with Nicklas Lidstrom but whatever.... I'm trying to kill time here... =p


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