Playoffs Day 2: here we go!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Now that I'm slightly more awake and slightly more hyped up on caffeine, I can say that I'm more excited for this game than I was last night. Yup! GO HABS GO!

Things we expect to happen tonight
  • EP will not be drunk....EP doesn't really drink....
  • Then again... if it's 5-0 Bruins after the first period, EP may go and drink herself into oblivion (err maybe not... EP does have to work tomorrow)
  • EP's Bruins Hate Meter will go up and possibly break by the end of Game 1
  • EP will abuse her Lucic voodoo doll
  • EP will want to make voodoo dolls for every Bruin
  • EP will be sleep deprived beyond belief
  • EP will her curse her phone because she actually can't work it very well
  • EP will want to go and hug her Habbies
  • EP will make an idiot of herself at the tweetup
  • EP will be cursing the playoffs by the end of the night
EDIT: Oh you wanted something semi-serious? Okay then.... Here, random thoughts about the game....
  • Will Lucic murder my Habbies?
  • Will I murder Lucic? (the voodoo doll)
  • Can Price play like the Priceberg that we all know he's capable of being?
  • Can Thomas actually produce a good game tonight now that he's the one under a huge amount of pressure.
  • Can Turtle-Pleky PLEASE score a goal? I know he works but we need to see some of that work translate into goals!
  • Speaking of goals... Can Andrei Kostitsyn please freaking score a goal? He still owes me big time for that no-show-crap-effort he put up when I was at the Bell Center. SHOW UP!
  • Will the Habs be subjected to "Breezer Plays"? I hate those......
  • Can Laraque shut up and just hit any and all Bruins that come his way?
  • Can the Habs actually start thinking that Laraque isn't going to save them at all.....?
  • Can the Habs bounce back from a 1 or 2 or even 3 goal deficit? I mean mentally here. Will we see them go down two goals and quit like they've done against so many teams this year or will they actually try?
  • Can they play 60 minutes of good hockey?
  • Can this game actually be finished before 12 in the morning or will each period be an hour long?
And finally:
  • Will EP be able to talk to the Bruins fans she knows? or is she going to have to wait until they crash out of the playoffs before she can talk to them?
Some other random info that has zippo to do with the playoffs.....

First off..... Roger Federer's kid will be a boy. Apparently they haven't decided on a name (which I dont' necessarily believe but whatever) so I figured I'd help them out. Here are the top five names that I'd pick for Roger's kid. In order of preference
  1. Rafael. I think it'd be so cute if he named his kid after Nadal... =p
  2. Novak. I know Roger doesn't like Nole at all but Novak is such a nice name
  3. Stan. Because I said so.
  4. David. Because you can't go too wrong with the name David....
  5. Habs Rock. Okay so Roger has no clue that the Habs even exist.... but still... Habs Rock is so cool. I named a squirrel Habs once so I think Roger could name his kid that too *g*
Second.... The Habbies will be in Quebec City for one of their exhibition games (which will be against those dratted Bruins). Tickets are apparently going on sale this Saturday and I'm weighing whether it's worth it to go.... I mean.... in the event that the Bell Center decides to be evil and not sell me any tickets I'm stuck going to Sensland... and if Heatley and Spezzatwerp are still on the team by then I won't be a happy camper....

Third....I seem to be the last person to know that AK Bars won the cup thinger in the KHL...Oops...


Justin said...

You're not the last to know. Apparently the guys at work because you just told me and I told them. :p

Grrrreg said...

I would have loved to join you for the tweetup, but unfortunately the commute from Paris is a pain, so I might not get there in time. Damn!

I hope the game will be really cool. Have fun!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Justin - oh good! That makes me feel much better now =p

Grrreg - We really need to move Paris closer to Montreal... All you poor people have over there is football... which would be fine under normal circumstances but yeah....(although, how come there's no French teams left in the Champions League?)... =( Don't worry though, I'll step on Milan Lucic the voodoo doll for you!

Grrrreg said...

how come there's no French teams left in the Champions League?hmmm, because they suck? Lyon has been the best team in France for the last 8 years, but they've never been able to get past the Champions League quarterfinals. Which is something that makes me really happy, because I can't stand them.

To be fair, the biggest French clubs are not nearly as rich as the best English, Spanish and Italian ones. The gap has widened a lot. It's way harder to compete and to enter the last rounds of the Champions League now. Ten years ago, that was possible if you had a really good team, even without superstars. Not anymore. Just look t the last few years, it's always the same teams in the last 2/3 rounds of the Champions League. That's really not something I like, but that's the way it is right now.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Hmm.. they need a salary cap like the NHL has... =( I'm getting tired of Arensal and Man U....

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