Tonight, you cheer for Kovalchuk and... *shudders* Briere

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not that I'm throwing my Habs under the bus tonight. But realistically speaking this is going to be a very tough night in which the guys have to play better than they've played all week. And with Markov gone, we're in big trouble. Not saying that it's an impossible task. To the Bruins it's a pretty meaningless game. But just as an extra insurance policy, please cheer for Kovalchuk to beat the stuffing out of the Panthers. Also, you want to cheer for Kovalchuk because he's under appreciated =) And... yes, I did say you cheer for Itty Bitty Danny..... Why? Because his team MUST beat the Rags. I'd appreciate it though if the other Flyers scored and not Mr. Itty Bitty but I guess beggars can't be choosers. Just beat them in regulation time, okay?

Oh and... how come I missed Weber being called up? Oh right.....

Today's evil plan includes: buying wool and knitting needles and teaching myself how to knit. If Jacques Plante could do it then so can I, darnit!

Oh and...While I was gone, the hockey continued world and continued quite nicely for the most part.

Women' s World Championship - Canada won 8-0.... blowout?

QMJHL playoffs thing - the poor Juniors were swept. I passed by Drummondville yesterday and there were all these signs saying "go whatever-the-name-of-their--team-is go". Peh.

AHL - Moosies vs Hammies. Flanders must have had a field day. Hammies won 6-2 over the Moosies. He's a lot funnier to listen to if you can watch the game at the same time. The highlights were hilarious. Well... minus the first Moosies' goal.... which wasn't pretty but who cares? They got a nice free goal and the Hammies still won =)


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