Playoffs here we come!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So we lost 5-4 in OT and the Bruins looked like the won the Cup. Whatever. I don't care about the Bruins. Important thing is the Habs will not be on the golf courses. They made errors tonight, yes. Lots. But they fought for their playoff spot. They got in because they worked for it not because the Panthers lost tonight. So congratulations to the Habbies! You are officially the only Canadian team in the East that won't be on the golf courses in a week's time.

(here's where I again apologize for the lack of anything serious on this blog. I need happy/random stuff!)

The first period

The good news is:
  • the boys are trying
  • Price is looking good
  • Schneider is in the lineup
The bad news is...
  • Bruins up 1-0
  • PP for Bs coming up in the second
Dissing the Bs... And I don't mean just the Bruins...
  • Biron, I hate you. You know that, but right now you suck. And you're NOT supposed to suck tonight.
  • Bergeron, meh....Never ever liked you....
  • Brodeur, you suck. 1-0 to the Sens?!
  • Tampa Bay (Bay starts with a B), please don't score on the Caps anymore, k? Thanks.
The second period

Holy crap...this has to be some time of record for length....
  • The game kept starting and stopping and starting and stopping and stopping... and stopping... and stopping and stopping and starting and stopping and... yeah, okay... you get it..
How the period went as far as I can remember:
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Fight
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Oh KOVAGOAL! PRETTY! It was like Thomas wasn't there.
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Fight
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Damn Lucic
  • Damn the Bruins 2-1
  • Damn all these stupid stops
  • Damn all these fights
  • Damn Lucic
  • Damn the Bruins 3-1....
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Did the refs whistles break or something?
  • Damn the Bruins
  • I'm getting tired of this period....
  • Damn this long list of damns
  • OH YES A HABS GOAL FINALLY! YES! D'AGOSTINI! With a beautiful goal that could have been Pleky's if he had moved his arm over a bit! 3-2
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Fight
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Fight
  • Damn Chara
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Oh Habs looking more alive
  • How can anyone be alive after this?
  • Damn the Bruins
  • more fighting....
  • Is Shawn Thornton related to that twerp in San Jose?
  • Damn the Bruins
  • How the heck much longer do I have to suffer?!
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Damn the clock
  • Damn the clock
  • Damn the Bruins
  • Da....OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! D'Agostini skate! SKATE! FASTER! SHOOT! OH MY GOD! SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!! 4-3 for the Habs
  • Damn the Bruins
  • OH COME ON KOIVU! didn't hit the puck AT Thomas....
  • Damn Thomas
  • Danm the... oh end of the period! Thank god... x_X
Enemy watch aka the rest of the league was actually playing while all this crap in Boston was happening
  • Itty Bitty came to the Flyers rescue. 2-1 for the Rags still though. Honestly, though, this is like, the worst game ever....
  • Team Kovalchuk Bogosian was 1-1 then 2-1 now it's 2-2 .... C'MON DAMNIT!
  • Pens are on their way to beating the Isles
  • Buffalo is blanking the Whalercanes 5-0. Oopsies Ward?
  • Devils now up 2-1 on the Sens. Pfft
  • Caps up 3-1 on Tampa Bay. Laich with 2 and Stammy with the lone Bolts goal
  • Repeat first period while I sit here trying to stay awake...
  • 4-4
  • Whatever. We need to get to OT.
  • OT please
  • C'mon people! Score already!
  • NOW
  • We need to get to OT
  • YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! WE GO TO OT! Habs make it to OT though which means = PLAYOFFS BABY!
  • well, forget this bit. We lost on stupid screw up on the blueline but whatever. We're in the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enemy watch: Major Failures of the night
  • Thrashers failed me *sniffles*
  • Flyers failed me - ahem, let me rephrase that. The refs failed Biron who Biron failed the Flyers who failed me. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sens failed the shootouts. Hmmm.....
  • Cam Ward failed epically. Oops.
  • Isles failed. Poor things.
  • Ovie failed to score but his team won anyway


Number31 said...

That first Rangers goal should have been whistled dead before it happened. Biron had the puck for like what seemed 1 minute and then he gets pushed in his net.

And Kovalchuk beat up McCabe <3

Grrrreg said...

Please God, don't make us face the bruins in the first round!

I just don't think I could survive 4 games like that second period. Especially if I have to watch it with the boston feed again. I can't stand listening to those morons, it's like torture.

It's too bad Florida couldn't catch the rangers.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Atlanta's Kovy beat up McCabe?! Really? Ohhhh *loves Kovy even more now* And yeah, I was wondering what was up with that Rags goal...I saw the replays later and was like "huh?". Oh well... Flyers can redeem themselves on Sunday. Right guys?!

Grrreg - Yeah, that second period was murder. You got stuck with the feed from Boston? You poor thing! Now THAT is murder.... =( I'd rather play the Caps even if they've got Ovie because they don't have Lucic.... >_<

kristin said...

I'm torn about who I'd rather play. I think a series with Boston would be great, but I'm not sure if the boys could literally survive it! The Bs were taking many liberties last night.

I think playing the Caps would be boring, but at least I could sneak down to DC and catch a game. Only 2.5 hours away for me! (I could sneak to Boston too, but that is about 6 hours...)

Eternal Pessimist said...

I think playing Washington would be better for everyone's health. While we all know that Ovie can produce a killer hit now and then, it's not like we've got any rivalry with the Caps that would make Ovie mad enough to want to run us over from the opening whistle. Plus, I think Boston's defensive play is better than Washington's....

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