Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I have no idea what to say here....I think I stupidly thought that I'd take a loss easier this year than I had last year for some reason.... Yeah right.... Last year I only sat through 12 games in the post-season. This year? 82 games + 4 in the postseason. Yeah... like I was really going to care less....

I guess I gotta say something then, right?

First off... I think I spent more time being angry with the fans at the Bell Center than I did at the Bruins, the refs and the Habs. Booing your own team at a time when your team needs your support is not cool. It's classless and just plain mean. Just because you forked over a small fortune doesn't mean that you have the "right" to go and be rude to your own team. You wonder why we can't land a big impact player? You have your reason right there tonight. I fully understand why nobody wants to play here when things like that happen.

I don't have much to say about the game itself. It was sad and I don't necessarily blame the guys for wanting to get off of the ice as soon as possible. I'm sorry to that this game had to be the last time I'll probably see a lot of them as Habs. It's been a great year in so many ways for me so I'm a bit sad that it had to end like this.

I want Gainey to stay. And I want someone to get Price a really good shrink. When I saw Price get upset with the crowd tonight, I saw shades of Roy (yes, yes, before they started running the footage of Roy getting upset). Now imagine if Gainey was Houle (because people apparently want to see another GM right now). Imagine that for a second. If he was, then he'd ship off Price in a really bad deal. I don't want that. Price can be great. I want him to stay here and be that great goalie that he can be. But he needs help. I'm not talking shrink help right now. I'm talking D help. The D is in shreds right now and it needs to be fixed somehow. The D is probably the biggest issue for the Habs right now. More so than that big impact forward named Vinny.We need to clone Markov and barring that, we need to steal Lidstrom (or we'll take Datsyuk. His offensive and denfensive plays are amazing =p).

This off season is going to be long and painful, isn't it....? I'm hoping Nadal and Federer can pull through for me in the tennis season. We've got Roland Garros and Wimbledon coming up so let's see what these guys can do.

Oh and if the Pens play Boston (because the Caps will be amazing and win the next three games) then I think I will have no choice but to cheer for the Pens. Damn. I don't want to cheer for the Pens again because they're playing the team that knocked out my team.....but I don't have a choice.

To anyone who hasn't thrown their team under the bus (and I guess that's all of three of you who read this blog *g*): can I suggest you wear your Habs shirt tomorrow in support of the guys? I actually completely stole that idea from Number31 in case you're wondering. It's a great idea.


Grrrreg said...

Good idea. I am wearing my habs shirt right now. (But that may not be such a strong statement, since most people don't know the habs here...)

I'm pissed off by the bell center crowd too. I'll probably write something about that, but I'm sure it'll be a hot topic on most habs blogs.

Oh, and at least apparently the Bulldogs were awesome yesterday! They came back from a 3 goals deficit in the third period, won in OT and tied their series 2-2. So the future may not be so bleak after all... :)

Eternal Pessimist said...

The future is not bleak. We have some great talent and we could have some more great talent if the crowd didn't drive them all away...

And it doesn't matter if nobody knows who the Habs are =) At the Bell Center before their games they run this video of the Habs logo - whether it's on a shirt, or a towel or whatever - in different parts of the world. It's really kinda cool.

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