I will not be depressed!

Monday, April 20, 2009

You know what? I can't be depressed about the game tonight. The Habs did what I asked them to for most of tonight and I can't be mad at them. While the rest of the city and all those "fans" go off ranting and raving, I will continue to sit here and support my guys. They tried tonight. They gave it everything they had. It wasn't enough no, but this was a hell of a lot better than that no-show effort the other night. I can accept this loss.

I can also accept Weber's performance tonight. Man, he's showing everyone why I love him =)

That being said, I have a list of grievances to make.
  1. "Fans". Stop crabbing about the team. The same people who are moaning about the team now are the same people who will be cheering them on when they win. Just stuff it.
  2. Price bashing. Leave the guy alone. I'm not saying that because I honestly like the guy as a player. I'm saying because it's too easy to give the goalie all the credit and all the blame for the outcome of a game.
  3. The media. Really. Tomorrow I'm coming up with a huge rant on this if I have time.
  4. The Bruins fans who take so much delight in bashing us. It's ridiculous already. Man, you know, there are no words to describe how much I hate the fans of this team right now. I could forgive Boston as a team but not their fans. Ooh, I have a new idea for my rant tomorrow....Stay tuned....
  5. Someone tell me why I keep paying too much money for food at 3 Brasseurs? Maybe I'm just that fussy about my food but sheesh....... (yeah, I forced some tweeps to come with me to watch the game again *g*)
Oh and the Rags got a taste of the real Washington Capitals. I love the little Russian brigade they've got in Washington. Semin just exploded tonight. I mean TWO GOALS and an assist tonight? Where have you been all this time, dude?! Ovie got an assist as did Fedorov. Nicklas also had a billion assists but he's not Russian (but he is awesome)....Laich and Poti got the two other goals. Very pleased with the Caps tonight. And yay for Simeon (Varlamov) on his shutout.

Right now I'm more ticked off with the fans and the media but I'll get to that another time.



Number31 said...

Wonder when Theo finds himself with the Hersey Bears...? Unless Johnson goes. They've been waiting on Varlamov for a bit now. Theo will be one expensive backup though!

Eternal Pessimist said...

I'm not sold on Simeon yet... Theo better get his act together or else, like you said, he's going to be the league's most expensive backup....

Grrrreg said...

Good for the Hammies and for the Caps!

As for the habs, losing Tanguay and Schneider was probably the last nail in their coffin. At least they tried yesterday. Hopeflly they win the next one to avoid the sweep.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yeah... I don't want to be swept... =(

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