Day 7? : TSN got something right

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amazingly the TSN schedule people got something right and put the Devils/Whalercanes game on TSN2. Why is this good? It's good because I only get the main TSN station and as such, it means that I won't have to suffer through a Devils/Whalercanes game tonight. Huzzaaaaaaaah....!

Anyway, tonight we cheer for the Flyers, the Wings, the Devils or the Whalercanes depending on your mood, the Canucks and the Ducks. Hmm, Canucks and Ducks rhyme. I didn't notice that before.... Haha...

Interesting, usless and things we hope for tonight:
  • We hope that Biron doesn't be a sieve
  • We hope that Michel Therrien will get off our screen
  • Why don't they offer a trophy for the fanbase that boos Crosby the most?
  • The Canucks could be the first team to get into the next round tonight if they win....
  • I still find it odd that the city of Columbus will be seeing its first ever NHL playoff game tonight....
  • How come we're still surprised when the Sharks don't play well in the playoffs? Every year it seems to be a great big shocker when the Sharks forget how to play....
  • And is it just me or does Todd McLellan look like he's aged about twenty years since he became headcoach of the Sharks?
  • Yeah, I'm doing this useless writeups because I want to see if I can write something on every day of the playoffs.... =p


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