Day 15: Do or die

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Despite some stats saying that 63% of all home teams win game 7, I won't be convinced that the Caps have won until that stupid clock runs out in the third period. I honestly didn't have my hopes up too too much when they Caps went down 3-1 but I knew that if anyone was going to stage a comeback, it'd be this team. They did it last year and who was to say that they couldn't do it again (albeit with a slightly different ending in game 7)? So here we are again. Game 7 . If the Rangers continue to play like a bunch of deflated and disorganized players that they've been in the last two games, then everything is set. If they actually show up... well, let's not talk about that, okay? The Caps need to be ready for a team that will show up. And they need to push and play hard until the last seconds run out on the clock. Let's go Caps! You're my only true hope at playoff happiness. Don't blow it.

And.... Brodeur, as much as I dislike you, I need you to win. Why? Because if you win and the Caps win, those Penguins take on Boston. I want that. I don't want a Washington/Pittsburgh matchup right now... or ever... So smarten up Devils and get back to that boring trap system!

Oh yeah and........

Goodbye Sharks. Goodbye Flames.

I thought I'd be a lot more ecstatic to see these two teams go out, but alas, no such luck. I don't like the Ducks and I don't appreciate them kicking Nabby around (why I'm sticking up for Nabby when he pretty much single-handedly ruined my enjoyment of the World Championship along with Kovalchuk last year, I have no idea). I hope the Ducks go down to the Wings now. Should be interesting to see how the Ducks do if the Wings won't drop the gloves with them...=p

The one thing that I do take slight pleasure in however, is the fact that the Habs are definitely not the only team to crash out of the playoffs. Look:
  • Three teams - including the Canadiens - were swept in the first round.
  • The two other teams that were swept were highly touted before the playoffs. Everyone is screaming that the Blues and the Jackets weren't experienced enough to win their series and yet before the playoffs began, people were saying both Masons were good enough to help their teams to a possible win in their series. C'mon, we all saw the predictions. "Blah, blah, blah, Steve Mason is great, he could backstop the Jackets to a win over the Wings", "blah, blah, blah the Blues are looking really good, they could take out the Canucks". I'm not knocking the Blues or the Jackets, but that really was some of the things said before the playoffs.
  • The Flames were supposedly a very strong team going into the playoffs. They supposedly were the "winners" of the trade deadline with Leopold and Jokinen added to their lineup. Last night, I saw a team that had given up pretty early on in the game.
  • The Sharks had one of the best starts ever and they finished top of the league. They were supposedly set to be Cup contenders for real this time with some veteran help. Adding Todd McLellen was supposed to just be the finishing touches to serious Stanley Cup contender. Instead they get taken out by a team that spent most of the last bit of their season fighting for a playoff spot.
World Championship news....

GO HAAAALAAAAAAK! Hell with Heatley and Spezza and the rest of the Sens/Leafs filled Team Canada. GO LITTLE SLOVAK GOALIE GO!


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