You didn't think I'd leave the Ovie thing alone, did you?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Remind me what decade we're living in here because judging by a lot of comments directed towards Ovechkin and his celebrating his 50th goal, you'd think we're stuck in the '20s or '30s.

I saw Ovie's celebration. I went deliberately looking for it when I heard that he had scored. I admit I was a little surprised by his reaction. I was expecting something a little more spontaneous, but I was in no way angry with his celebration. I thought it was funny and I'm pretty sure that Ovechkin wouldn't have done it if he had not thought that at least some people would find it amusing. I don't necessarily think that he was doing it to rub it in people's faces. There's many other ways that he could have celebrated if he had wanted to be a showoff or if he had wanted to rub it in people's faces. Even if he was being a bit of a brat as some people have said, so what? I think he's allowed to have a moment or two of lapses in judgment. And it's not like he said "Crosby can't score 50 goals. HAHAHA". That would be way out of line and even I wouldn't appreciate it if he had done that. But he didn't. He didn't go skating around in circles screaming at the top of his lungs. He didn't go signing his stick on the spot and throwing into the crowd. He didn't point to the goalie and the three of four Bolts players who were on the ice at the time and say "you can't stop me. Hahaha". He simply did a little celebration after he scored. And in the grand scheme of celebrations, it's pretty minor.

All that being said... The one thing that did sort of... disappoint me about Ovie's celebration was that it was pre-planned. I like the spontaneousness (is that a word?) of Ovie's reactions when he scores or when a teammate scores. That this was pre-planned to me sort of takes away from the celebration a little bit for me. I much prefer him when he's being natural - to me, that's what he's all about and that's what makes him so darn cool to watch and this only adds fuel to the wildly out of control Ovie bashing that's been going around. But I didn't feel that he was out of line to do that celebration and I've got the feeling that he doesn't really care what people think or say about him anwyay. After scoring fifty goals, he has every right to celebrate. So I'll just sit back, laugh at the theatrics - pre-meditated or not - and laugh more at all the people who are bugged by this.

Imagine what he'd do if he ever won the Stanley Cup... Wow......


Number31 said...

If he won a Stanley Cup he'd start his own riot ;)

When I saw it, I honestly had no idea what he was doing. I saw him score and then I thought he was hurt 'cause he was buckled over weird. Anyway, it's 50 goals but after I realized what he was doing I thought for sure one of the Lightning players would clothesline him later. But it doesn't matter. I prefer Price's spontaneous Bolt Pose after that game he won with a sprained ankle =p

Grrrreg said...

Imagine what he'd do if he ever won the Stanley Cup...

In that case, I hope he wouldn't do something premeditated, like you said. It was ok the other day, it's a minor milestone and it was a rather meaningless game, so it really doesn't matter at all. But for a stanley cup win, I think it would cheapen the moment a little bit if he did something like that. But I think he would just get out of control!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yeah, Ovie would probably drop dead of excitement if he ever won the Stanley Cup *g*

Ooooo, Price's pose was great! I didn't really get what he was doing the first time around though....probably because I was too busy laughing at Vinny....Man, I think I have too much fun at the expense of Tampa Bay players... =p

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