Refs help make it 5-4 for Sens

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Someone should tell the Refs what a penalty is. And someone should tell the Habs how to win a faceoff. Two phantom penalties and one absolutely crap goal gave the Sens a 3-1 lead after the first period and they never looked back. The Habs made an effort in the second and third period to make it 4-2, 4-3, and 5-4 but they never caught the Sens. They put up a fight in the third period but as we keep learning this year, one good period doesn't make for a win. It really was in so many ways a game of "ifs"...
  • If the Refs hadn't been blind and stupid then the Sens wouldn't have gotten two powerplays in which they scored on
  • If the Habs had learned how to win a faceoff then maybe they wouldn't have gotten scored on twice in a row anyway
  • If the Habs hadn't let the Sens run over them they maybe they would have scored more or at least reduced the amount of quality scoring chances by the Sens
  • if the Refs hadn't given the Sens a goal that looked not only offside but highsticked in as well, then they would only have lead 2-1 after the first period
  • If the defense hadnt tried to imitate a sieve than maye they wouldn't have let those goals in
  • If Price hadn't let in a stinker to make it 4-2 then maybe he wouldn't have been pulled and people wouldn't be screaming at him
  • If Halak had stopped that goal then maybe the Habs would have been able to stay in the game
  • If Halak AND Price hadn't stopped several breakaways then the score would be 10-5 for the Sens
  • If the Habs had actually shot the puck more than maybe they would have tied the game
  • If they had kept the puck in the Sens net during their PP then maybe they would have scored
  • If Kovy, Pleky and AK46 had actually played the way that they are capable of then maybe we would have seen more goals for the Habs
  • If the Habs hadn't passed nobody half the time then maybe they could have created more chances
  • If the Habs' hadn't broken their sticks or hadn't gone flying around on the ice like penguins at the most inconvinient times then maybe things would have gone otherwise
  • If the Habs hadn't lost so many games already then maybe I would actually care and be angry that they lost tonight
The who, what, where, why, when bit...
  • Who is this Latendresse guy out there? Wow. He was on fire tonight! I don't remember seeing him like this too many times before he was injured.
  • What the hell were the refs thinking by allowing that 3rd Sens goal count? The guy was about to make a call and then he had to go back and chat some more with the guy?
  • Where were Kovy, Pleky and AK46? They were MIA tonight. Frankly, most guys seemed MIA.
  • Why can't people stop bashing the goalies for a loss?
  • When are the Habs going to win a game?

YAY FOR OVIE GETTING HIS FIFIETH GOAL OF THE YEAR! (and if Don Cherry is going to make a comment about Ovie's celebration then I will scream. If I had scored 50 goals in a season then I would be celebrating a heck of a lot more than Ovie did tonight. No whining!).


Grrrreg said...

If the Habs' hadn't broken their sticks or hadn't gone flying around on the ice like penguins at the most inconvinient times then maybe things would have gone otherwise

Well these days, I wouldn't mind seeing the habs play as well as the penguins! ;)

Number31 said...

That's a lot of Ifs!

Players should go back to old wooden sticks. These composites are expensive crap. Oh I wonder if Spezza was still using his illegal stick ;p

Eternal Pessimist said...

Can't argue with you there, Grrreg...

*kicks Spezza*

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