There is a game today... in case everyone forgot

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

While all those talking heads on TSN will be talking their heads off on TSN, I for one will be thinking about tonight's game against the Sabres.

The good news is that the Habs are looking good right now. To further make things nice, the Sabres are without their good goalie after he suffered an ankle injury that may or may not have been done on purpose by the Rangers.

The news we really hope is good.....With Halak out with the flu (take a freaking flu shot!!!!), Price will get the start tonight. I'm really hoping that he'll come out and prove all his critics wrong by giving a really good performance tonight. I think he can do it. I mean, whether or not his path here has been relatively easy, you don't become a goalie in the NHL simply because someone told someone that you're good. He worked for it. And he'll have to work more for it if he hopes to steal the starting position back. He can do it! He has to. It's my birthday and the Habs can't lose on my birthday. They just can't.

The bad news is.... The Sabres just got back Vanek and....Afinogenov....or however you spell the poor guy's name. While it's not exactly the same as the Caps getting Ovie and Semin back after a long absense, it's still not too good news for the Habs.

Hey Joe Thornton! I guess the Stars used their magic abilities when they "couldn't handle" you guys and magically put the puck into the back of the net....(You realize that whenever the Sharks lose now I'll have to poke fun at Thornton, right?).

Oh and... did anyone else notice that the Pens are winning without Crosby?


Justin said...

You got Afinogenov right. :) Well, Афиногенов really, but that's neither here nor there. :p

And yes, of course we're winning without Sid. We've never needed him to win. Malkin, on the other hand, yeah probably.

And happy birfday, EP! :)

Can't get my OpenID to work. Oh well.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Thank you!

Yeah, getting Afinogenov's name right very here because I'm a huge sucker for trying to get names right.... Ooo they gots the romanization of his name right! Sound the bells and start the parade! Yeah... I can sort of read Russian. I know what the letters are I don't know what the words are *G*

But anyway... It's nice to see a Penguins fan say that the Pens aren't totally reliant on the Puffy Penguin to win. How about that new guy though? Kunitz? He seems to be on a bit of a roll so far!

Justin said...

Kunitz is a beast. The only problem is that we may have found a winger for Staal instead of Sid. Hah. :)

They got the Афиногенов part right, but his first name is Максим, so they shortened that. They seem to make all the ks's into x's in names, though, so whatever.

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