Habs vs Sabres pre-game rant

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fine, so this is actually a big excuse to post my new stick figure drawing... I couldn't help myself. It's like making fun of Crosby.... It's so easy. I'm bad, I know.... Here's another picture of the Crosby voodoo by the way. He now lives in a tissue box. I should probably make it look like an igloo or something....


Miller's back and I'm thinking I should have made a Miller voodoo doll instead of a Crosby one. Then again, doesn't seem to matter what goalie is in nets though because we all know that the Habs can lose to anyone at any given time. They can also beat anyone at any given time.

So. Which team shows up?

I really hope it's not the one that came to the Bolts game. If the Bolts had been just a tiny bit more... well, I can't say talented, but organized? then we would have seen a different result. The Habs need to play with a tad bit more intensity (okay, fine, a lot more) for 60 minutes. Not 20. Not 40. Definitely not 50. 60! They also need to not freak out if the Sabres take a lead no matter how the goal goes in. And they need to not let the Sabres get a pile of odd man rushes or breakaways. And not getting kicked around by the Sabres would be nice. Thank you. Forechecking is always appreciated, as is hitting anyone in a Sabres jersey. Shooting at the net is a good idea as supposed to going very wide. Staying out of the penalty box is a must. And not having a sucky powerplay would be nice. And not obstructing your own goalie is an absolute must (Komisaurus I'm looking at you!). And of course, a win in any capacity would make this sick fan happy.

What else needs to happen tonight to make me happy
  • Pens lose... then again, a Habs victory and a Rags loss in regulation could get the Habs out of 8th because they've played less games...Hmm....Fine. Habs victory and a Rags loss in regulation
  • Can't decide between a Bruins loss and a Leafs loss.... maybe they could both lose?
  • Hurricanes and Devils.... Couldn't care less. Both goalies must be stopped.
  • It'd be cool if the Isles beat the Flyers after blanking the Wings...The Flyers had their chance to be the cool people by beating the Panthers and they blew it
  • I'd love it if Kovalchuk and co beat the Sens because well.... I just do....
  • And Dallas MUST beat the Panthers but I'm not really seeing that happen....


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