Olay...? Impact win 2-0 over random Mexican team

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well I sat through my first (and probably last) football/soccer game. For six bucks you can't go wrong, right? (Top that price Habs!). Let's see... I knew nothing about the Impact (Montreal's football team) and even less about their opponents (Santos Laguna from Mexico). I can safely say however, that I probably knew about as much or more about football than half the 55, 000 + crowd at the Olympic Stadium however. It was quite obvious that most of the people there were really only there because of the cheap tickets. But I digress. It was funny to listen to a bunch of people cheer and boo without really knowing what they were cheering or booing for.

The first half the game was great. Lots of excitement from the crowd and a beautiful goal by the Impact not even 6 minutes into the game. For the records, scoring is pretty much non existant in football (think watching the Devils play) so to have that goal early on was great. By the end of the first half, I was wishing that the game was over. It was nice and short (hey, in football when they say "45 minutes" they mean "45 minutes plus maybe a couple of extra minutes" non of this "well, a period lasts 20 minutes in theory but in reality we always go over" crap). Second half dragged on quite a bit but the fans were rewarded for sitting through it when the Impact scored their second goal with 13 or so minutes to go (if you're up 1-0 with 13 mins left in football you've virtually won).

So random points about the game coming from someone who doesn't know a lot about it...

  • After watching a football game featuring two of my favorite teams on TV it was very bizarre to then go and watch a live football game.
  • Football games are short and sweet compared to hockey games
  • Football games seem to start on time. Unlike hockey games. Half the people missed the Impacts first goal because they were still trying to navigate the horrendous building that is the Olympic Stadium.
  • Next time I hope that the crowd is better educated in football. It will make for a better game if you're seeing it live.
  • The people at the game clearly had ADD and couldn't sit through the whole thing. The people around me were having a popcorn fight while I was trying to watch the game. Like I really want greasy popcorn in the hair?!
  • Football is a very slooooow game compared to hockey. It takes forever to get to the net and once you get there, chances are that your opponent will kick it all the way back to the other end.
  • The Olympic Stadium is a terrible place to host something like this during the winter...
  • I want one of those Impact scarves *g*
Five signs that you're clearly a hockey fan while watching the Impact
  1. You think the "Ole" song is a hockey song. Singing "ole" never felt so right and wrong at the same time. It was right because well, it is technically a football song and wrong because I've now come to believe that it should be used exclusively as hockey song used to torment every non-Habs fan out there (yes, I'm starting particularly at you, Sens fans.)
  2. You're freaking out that your team won't win when there's 5 minutes left on the clock. Like I said, you've virtually won it if you're up by a goal with 5 minutes left.
  3. When you see the Impact goalkeeper make several huge saves and many other key ones, you instantly think of Halak against Vancouver.
  4. You boo the opposition like crazy. Hey, Santos Laguna aren't the Flyers, you know?
  5. You wear a Habs shirt to the game. Seriously. There were even some people in Nordique shirts... talk about being in the wrong decade...


Number31 said...

Ah football... the only sport with a net the size of a building and games that still end in 0-0 ties. At least they scored 2! Miracle!

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