'nuff football. Bring on the Flyers!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Do I really need to say what a huge game this is going to be tonight for the Habs? Fine. Every game is big..... But this IS big. I mean, it's the Flyers darnit. You know... actual competition... as supposed to the Sens.... Habs took the last game after coming off a three game losing streak. If I remember correctly, Halak was in nets for that one too. I'll be sitting here scared to death during powerplays for both teams. The Flyers can score on the powerplay and a Flyer can score shorthanded. I'm hoping the Habs can stay focused and not take stupid penalties. Oh and forechecking is also nice. I also hope that they don't get outshot by a huge margin again. That's just getting sad and Halak probably can't keep the Flyers from scoring if they're going to get a billion chances.

I didn't bother to see if a certain short Flyer by the name of Daniel Briere will be in the lineup but I really hope not.... If he is then I have just one thing to say..... SQUASH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: Missed the Habs getting Glen Metropolit off waivers from the Flyers....Apparently he's going to play tonight too. I wonder if he'll walk into the wrong dressing room by accident?


Anonymous said...

I see a typo. You meant, "SQUASH HER!!!!!!!!!!!"

There ya go. :)

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