Twins are creepy

Monday, February 16, 2009

I don't care what sport you're talking about. Tennis, hockey, whatever. TWINS ARE CREEPY. I hope they get knocked out before the Canucks come to the Bell Center next because they creep me out completely....

Surprisingly my head is pain free considering the score finished 4-2 in favor of the Canucks.

I wish only the second half of the third period counted tonight. I thought there was a marked improvement in how they played for most of the third period compared to how they've been playing over the last month. They were skating hard, they were battling hard. They even got a goal!

Unfortunately 10 minutes of playing well doesn't make for a win.

50 minutes of bad playing equals four goals by the pesky Canucks (do the Canucks have a three letter or four letter nickname like the rest of the teams out there do?) and only one from the Habbies which amazing in and of itself considering they had all of.... well, it felt like two shots on goal but I think it was a couple more than that. Halak wasn't terrible and actually I think he came up with some huge saves to keep it from being 10-1 for the Canucks. I won't yap on about this loss because I feel that if the Habs continue from where they ended this game then we should be seeing some Ws soon. Then again the record setting Caps are up so we may in fact be doomed.

Oh well. At least I won't be up to some ungodly hour when they lose err play the Caps. Whoooopieeeeeee......Oh well. I've made my peace with this season so it's all good. Sorta. I may just be moving on to stage eight. And am taking it well considering my brain is dead. Whoopie. More coherent post coming in the morning.

Oh and byebye Therrien. I'm only slightly surprised that you got the boot but really, what did you expect after your team's latest embarrassing loss? One day someone will put the blame on the GM for some of this but for today it's all your fault. Sowwy.

To sleep I go. ZzZzZzZz......


What we learned from this game:
  • Odd man rushes are bad
  • Dozy offense that keeps getting run over is bad
  • not clearing the puck from your own end is bad
  • Not shooting the puck towards the goalie is bad
  • Brisebois is looking like a genius these last couple of games. That's insane.
  • Andrei Kostitsyn needs to shoot the bloody puck more. You are not Kovalev. I repeat, you are not Kovalev. SHOOT THE PUCK! Good things happen to be people you shoot the puck. Usually.
  • Kovalev came near to being the latest casualty last night. That's.... probably bad.
  • Refs are blind. There is no way that the Canucks didn't derseve at least one penalty last night.
  • Putting effort into the game gets you two well earned goals.
  • Not putting any effort into the game gets the other team four pretty much undeserved goals.
  • Sudin makes my knees hurt. I was pain free before he got onto the ice.
  • Lang's perky manner and Plekanec's work ethic that is good but never pays off are being missed a lot right now.
  • I still love Halak.


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