Well that sucked....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm trying to think of a positive to take from tonight's game but so far I'm coming up with blanks. I mean... there just isn't anything good to say about the game. Except for Gorges goal. Yay for Gorges. They never win when he scores. It's too bad because he never scores. And when he does, no one cares because the Habs lose. It's sad. And it was such a nice goal too. But other than that.... The Devils completely shut down the Habs offense (which looked a little dead anyway) while the Habs defense just got out muscled and out played. I can't say "Oh, Price was awful tonight" because I wasn't expecting him to be amazing on his first full night back (I still don't believe that he's ready to come back). He did come up with some big saves though so that at least was good. I'm still trying to figure out if the Devils were just that good defensively or if the Habs offense was just that bad tonight. I'm inclined to think it's somewhere inbetween. Either way, you still had a game where the Habs had very little in the way of decent scoring chances. Yes, they had enough chances that they could have converted, but they were quite few and far between for my liking. And the Habs just don't like it when they can't set up a good shot on net. No one ever said that the goals had to be pretty, you know. Just get 'em in.

I kind of feel like we're back to where we were at the beginning of the season where the Habs went a whole crappy session. Honestly, I was wondering if we were bound for an embarrassing loss or two after the Habs lost to the Bruins. Since that game, they just haven't looked good. We should be lucky that we've got two wins out of those games.

Am I worried? Honestly? Yeah, a bit. I'm worried because this is completely an attitude thing that can be fixed but doesn't seem to want to go away. I'm worried because the second of the season is where the Habs need to be on top of their game, every single game. Because they had issues in the beginning of the season they let a lot of points go that they should have had. And I'm worried that those missed points will cost them at the end of the season.

Despite the very tough schedule coming up next month, I think that the Habs can do it. They have shown that when faced with adversity that they can pull through.... The problem isn't when they're faced with a lot of adversity, it's when they aren't. And I'm just hoping that all those points that they should have had won't cost them in the end......

I'm also seething at the stupid Maple Losers. They had a chance to cause a huge upset over Boston tonight and make my life easier but keeping the Bruins off the points tally. But NO! The Losers had to go and squander a two goal lead in the third period and ultimately lose in shootouts. Oh and who gets the shootout winner? RYDER! Of course. I'm so upset right now. First off, my team loses. Second, my two least favorite teams are playing each other while my other loathed team is also playing - and beating the very same Thrashers that we lost to. And of COURSE it's the Maple Losers who give me one ray of hope that the Bruins won't completely run away with the lead but then they go and squash my hopes.

I hope the Habs are reflecting on the last week. I hope they're thinking about how difficult they're making their lives right now. Look, enjoy the All Star Game but remember that the event ain't going to bring the Stanley Cup home - for real! It's visiting righ now and then it's going to go away for a veeerrryyy loooong tiiiime if this type of play keeps up. I hope these games are burned into their brains and they do everything in their power to make sure it never happens again.

Yes, I'm very cranky right now. Sue me. And please sue the people who came up with Rafa's new look. It's horrid.


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