Well... the effort was there

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Really it was. You can't accuse the Habbies of not playing their best - unlike last time. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and the Habs still lost 3-1. I actually really don't have a heck of a lot to say on this one. Besides the fact that I missed about half the second period. Long story. But invovled very good chocolate cake. I mean...they tried. They had some high quality chances to score. I can't complain about the effort. I cant even complain about the Boston goals. Well, okay, I could but I won't. Even the powerplay worked tonight for god's sake! I think Halak came up with some excellent saves and was very solid in nets. I still want Price back though *sniffles* Brisebois was surprisingly good through a lot of the game. The refs were asleep tonight - wait, this is Chris Lee we're talking about. He's never awake - and missed a lot of stuff, including D'Agostini getting whacked. Chipchura had to step in and fight....whoever.... I'm terrible with names at 11 at night. Well, actually, I never bother to pay attention to who plays for Boston. Sorry. Anyway, even though I didn't think Chipchura looked fantastic in his fight - which he pretty much lost - I guess someone had to do it.

Well, Nashville is up next followed by the Sens and I will scream if they don't beat either of those teams....

Okay so this didn't really deserve a whole new post. Sue me. I'll just ramble on about something else now.

I still want the Australian Open to start soon. Even if it'll end in total heartbreak for me....And I just have to say something about Federer's frequent insistence that he's still the top guy on the tour. Look, Roger, we know you're a great player. No one's denying that. No one's saying that you're never going to win another Grand Slam ever again. I believe that you will beat Pete Sampras' record. But it's also time to get a grip on reality. Reality is saying that Murray is indeed one of the best players on this tour right now and he's not going away. Djokovic may be a little rusty right now but I think he's here to stay as well. Get used to it. I know it's tough to see these guys coming up and usurping the spot that you see as yours. I get that. But you have to get a grip on reality, Roger. Please. It's making you look like a stubborn guy who doesnt want to admit that he's no longer the undisputed world number one anymore.


Around the league in 2 mins
  • Pens finally get a convincing win. They smashed the Flyers in their horrid orange jerseys 4-2. Took you guys long enough to wake up.... Flyers were aiming for a 6th straight win at home. Oh well. That failed. No scoring from Mr. Captain Penguin himself, but Malkin and Staal did come up with one goal each. At least someone's scoring.
  • Oh and Briere is practicing with the mini Flyers in the AHL and will be in two of their games. Officially it's so he can ease back into the game, but I'm thinking that this also allows the GM to take more time to think about how he's going to add the guy back into the lineup (re: I guess he shouldn't have paid Briere so much money!)
  • Guess what? Steve Mason won again. Yes, I say Steve Mason won.... not the Columbus Blue Jackets.... Sue me.
  • Nashville's going to beat Toronto. Question of the hour: do you think that Toronto would want a top five draft pick so badly that they would do badly on purpose? No one will admit that but this year's pretty much shot for the Leafs anyway and they have to be looking at their future. Tavares, Hedman are topping what's looking like a good draft year in June.
  • Ottawa may just win a game tonight against Carolina. I guess that whole "we'll see what's going on after two games before we make any decisions" thing from the GM got everyone going. Sens still stink though.
  • Oilers finally ended twelve year losing streak in Washington and stomped all over Ovechkin and the Caps with a resounding 5-2. No scoring by the Alexes. Who would have thought....
So we consider Lecavalier a hockey god, eh?????

I know I know I said I wasn't going to talk about the guy but c'mon.... According to some guy who writes for a newspaper in Tampa Bay, people here in Montreal consider Lecavalier "akin to a hockey god" and that's the reason why we've been fanning the fires of this trade talk stuff.

Can I say something here?

NO ONE THINKS THE GUY IS A HOCKEY GOD. You have to be a lot better and kinda be retired or dead to be considered a god here. Sorry. No one's doubting that Vinny is a good - very good at times - player. That's why there's all this talk about him. But I haven't seen one person talk about him like he's the reincarnation of Maurice Richard or something like that. Yes we get excited. Yes, we get carried away at times. That's who we are. But no one one is treating Lacavalier like a god. Sorry, Vinny!

At least I got something to laugh about tonight....


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