Habs take on Bruins tonight

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last thing I'll say on Lecavalier

I'm not saying anything more on him until something more concrete comes along. Management in Tampa Bay says they don't want to trade him but they did say that he's not exactly "untouchable" although apparently that goes for every other player they have too. Eh. Go figure. Vinny actually says that while he wouldn't actually say no to playing here, he likes it in Tampa Bay and would like to stay there.

Good for him. I still don't want him here because it still means giving up a ton for him. End of story. For now.

Now onto the pre-game rant!

Well, things have definitely changed a lot since last year when it was expected of the Habs to simply go and walk all over the Bruins. I think this time around it's definitely the other way around and it should be interesting to see how the teams do tonight. The Habs are obviously missing people who could be rather helpful tonight *coughsPRICEcoughs* but the Bruins too are missing some guys. Beregon has been out since suffering another concussion a few weeks ago. Philip Kessel - the team leader in scoring - is out with mono and I suspect it will be a while before he comes back. Andrew Ference is out with a broken leg. Someone else who's name escapes me entirely is out with a knee problem. Manny Fernandez is out with something (but that's not an issue unless Tim Thomas also comes down with something in the next few hours and the Bruins will be forced to use their backup-backup goalie) and there is also strong possibility that Milan Lucic will also be out tonight with some type of upper body injury. I personally wouldn't mind if Lucic wasn't in the lineup until next year, but that's just little old bitter me.

Given how the Habs have been doing and considering I think they want to prove that they can indeed beat the Bruins, it should be interesting. I just hope Halak's up for the challenge and everyone's ready to help him too. While this is not a "must win or we'll all die" game it's probably a "can we please win because we need 1) we need the points 2) the Bruins don't need the points 3) we want to prove that we can beat them and 4) it would be nice to continue the winning streak"


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