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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Future Habbies participate in Canada/US showdown

Anyone else completely die watching that Canada/US game last night? I was freaking out completely. And I missed most of the really painful bit. Throughout most of this competition we haven't really seen any really hard playing games from any of the teams. Both Canada and the US have completely run over every team that they've come across so far. So how would the two teams fair when they met up last night? Well, judging from the beginning of the game, it looked like the US would flatten team Canada as they got three goals past Dustin Tokarski without the Canadians doing too much. It was at this point that I had to go eat dinner so I missed Tavares and co tying the game. By the time I came back to the game it was 4-3 for Canada with the US promptly scoring. Oopsies. I really liked how the two teams played though. With a couple of exceptions. I didn't like Canada's defensive play too much. There were too many times when the Americans just came and stood in front of Tokarski. Take for example Tokarski's amazingly good save. In theory, he shouldn't have had to make that save. Someone should have done something about the guy who was just standing in front of the goalie. Not cool. But apart from that, the game was great.


My idea of a nice relaxing afternoon is watching a game that doesn't feature the Habs (I said relaxing, remember) - in this case it's the Winter Classic thingy - while not listening to Don Cherry by voting in the All Star thing... Yeah, I know, I know... but... I can't help myself...and as much as I like Fleury... I dont think that he should be there.... *sniffles* Oh and I've myself a nice bag of chips that have been lying around for I dunno how long...Hehe... they still taste okay =p gotta enjoy the last bit of the holidays, right? Right.


Well, Detroit just had to go and make the game really boring today, didn't they? First they didn't show up in the game and it was all Chicago all the time. I was wondering if maybe the Blackhawks would actually win it - you know, they got blanked before...and were playing at home (sorta) this time. Guess Pavel Datsyuk had another idea. He gets a really nifty goal which completely showcases why we should stop remembering him as the guy who can't speak English at that awards thing but instead why he's a really good hockey player. Go look at the highlights. And make sure you get a view from above. And then it was all Detroit all the time. And then I got bored and went to sleep.

I'm clearly not a die hard Red Wings or Blackhawks fan.

Price out, Hammies in for tomorrow's game against the Devils

Yes. Price is out for tomorrow. He could be back for the game against the Panthers but Halak might as well be playing in that one too anyway - even if Carbo has a thing for putting Price in when they play at home. But I won't get into that one right now. Anyway, no idea exactly what's wrong with him but apparently Mr. No. 1 Goalie didn't tell Carbo that he had a problem when they were playing against Tampa Bay. And now look what we've got. Oh and to top that off Sergei Kostitsyn didn't practice today in the new place in Brossard. There's no news right now on whether he can slug it out tomorrow against the Devils or not, so I'll asume for now that he's in Newark or wherever the Devils play right now with everyone else.

As expected, Hammies got called up. Chipchura and Pacioretty are back again and I'm pretty sure that Chipchura at least will be in the lineup. Marc Denis is back to backup Halak though I'm just praying that Halak and co do well and they won't have to use Denis. Yannick Weber - you know, the Swiss guy that everyone liked in the exhibition games - came as well.
There are some
indications that he will get some time on the powerplay. Could be interesting.

So there we have it. The team's looking like it's got more wholes than the non-existant Swiss cheese in my fridge. But we all know that what's on paper doesn't always translate to what happens. I just hope the Devils come out snoring tomorrow.
I'll will say just one more thing on this whole topic:

CAN THE INJURIES PLEASE STOP NOW?!!! This is getting ridiculous!

Bruins squash Pens again

While we're on the topic of things being ridiculous. What the heck in going on in the brains of the Penguins? Something is obviously going on in the scoring department and it's not cool. Okay, okay, so I didn't see the whole game and it's unfair to judge how the Pens did when they're playing the Bruins. Or is it? With the win tonight, the Bruins are now sitting on top of the league. ON TOP. Yeah. Ahead of San Jose. Ahead of Detroit. Ahead of everyone. The Pens are now sitting twenty points behind the Bruins, which makes the Habs twelve point trailing of said Bruins look good. What is the deal here....??? At least they can hopefully look forward to beating the Panthers and the Thrashers. If they can't win those then they've got serious issues. I'll let someone else figure that out while I go and worry about the Hammie filled Habbies team.


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