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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As I do just about every morning, I make a bee line for the sports section of the paper and read about the Habbies (because we really can't talk about anything else in this city). Anyway, I was quite struck by Carbonneau's comments about last night's game being "the best game" he's ever coached. Did someone tell him that the game was against Tampa Bay? And that they went to shootouts against them?! Maybe the uncreative third jerseys worn by the Lightning confused him and he thought that they were playing San Jose or something. Okay so "Bolts" and "Sharks" almost look the same. There's a S at the end of the word.

Oh well... I think it's kind of silly to say stuff like that for a game like that but then again, I have no idea what's going on behind the bench or in Carbo's mind - if I did then maybe I could understand the deal behind the musical line up thing. Anyway... I think these games though have to be some of the ones that the Habbies can be happy about:
  • 4-1 win over Calgary. I liked that game very much. Of course, I'm sure the fact that Tanguay really wanted that win over his former coach probably helped a bit...
  • 5-2 win over the Flyers. I really liked that one. Well, obviously I would. But yeah... Crushing the Flyers is always nice.
  • The 4-0 blanking of the Senators. Higgins got a hat trick in that!
  • Winning 3-1 over the Red Wings.
  • Winning 4-3 in OT over the Sabres. I liked how the Habs didn't give up on that one and just kept fighting for that win.
Now you want the real list of Carbo's most embarassing games of the 2008 part of the season? Here you go:
  • Losing 6-3 to the Leafs
  • Losing 6-1 to the Bruins. Funny how these two games sandwiched that lovely blanking of the Sens.
  • Getting blanked by the Capitals. You beat the Stanley Cup champions and then come up with this? Give me a break.
  • Losing 3-1 to Tampa Bay. I won't even start on this one...
  • That 11 penalty game against the Hurricanes. The score was only close because the Hurricanes stink. And yes, the Habs deserved about 8 or 9 of those penalties.
I'm sure I"m missing some stuff from both lists but my memory can't stretch back that far and my mind has blocked out most of the really embarrassing games so... there you go!

Why it is imperative for the Habs to win against the Devils.
  1. Winning is good for the Habs
  2. The Habs need to keep gaining points and try to catch the Bruins
  3. Because they lost in OT to them last time which wasn't very fun at all
  4. The Devils are sitting on a two point lead over the Penguins and that's no fun for the Pens side of me.
  5. I would much prefer if the Pens were at least second in their division but that will take some creative losing by the Flyers for that to happen
Maxwell and O'Byrne get sent back to the Hammies

This was interesting to hear, especially considering that Tanguay is most likely going to be gone for a bit. While it was interesting, I guess I'm not that surprised that O'Byrne got sent back. He's been in the pressbox for a while now. I hope that he can solve his problems while he gets some ice time with the Hammies. As for Maxwell... well, I didn't see that much of him. He wasn't awful while he was here. But then again, he wasn't fanastically wonderful either. I hope to see him making an impact with the Hammies and hopefully one day he'll be back.

I'm guessing that Chipchura will be recalled again but for real this time. I'm asuming as well that if Koivu still can't play we'll also be seeing Pacioretty.

Let's hope that whoever gets on that ice, they'll play well enough to beat the Devils.


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