When the Habs depress you......

Friday, December 12, 2008

....You start to look at tennis stuff again even though the season finished a while ago. Or at least that's what I do. Makes me feel better. Kinda. Anyway...Because I've discovered that I loooooove stats - but I hate math. Go figure - I've got this interesting bit of info on Federer (taken from the ATP site).

All Time Top 10 Year-End Ranking Leaders

In 2008, Roger Federer and Andy Roddick extended their year-end Top 10 finishes to seven consecutive years, the best among active players on the ATP World Tour. They are among 13 players to finish in the Top 10 of the South African Airways ATP Rankings at least seven years (since 1973). Of the group, all but three players finished the season at No. 1 during their career.
Andre Agassi and Jimmy Connors have each finished in the Top 10 a record 16 times followed by Ivan Lendl (13) and Pete Sampras (12). In 2008, Roger Federer and Andy Roddick ended the season in the Top 10 for a seventh consecutive time. Of the 109 players who have finished in the Top 10 (since 1973), Federer and Roddick are only the 12th and 13th players to join this distinguished group.

Isn't that neat? The cooler thing is that Roger was no 1 for half of his time in the top 10. I'd post the list but I'm having technical difficulties with the photo ruining the code or something with the rest of the post... Just click the pretty link above.

In other news

At least I can almost take comfort in the knowledge that the Habs are slightly better off than Real Madrid right now. The problem-filled management and injury plagued team is about to take on the top team in the Spanish Premier League thing. Should I mention that I think that Barcelona looks like a strong contender for the Champions League as well? To make things worse for Real Madrid, they have a long and storied rivalry with Barcelona which would make a loss tomorrow really awful for everyone who wants Barcelona to lose. It would be like.... Montreal having Tampa Bay's problems coupled with Washington's injuries taking on a Toronto Maple Leafs who were playing like San Jose. Okay, so that last bit is hard to imagine but you get the picture. Real Madrid is going to need a little miracle to win tomrrow. As it is, I just hope that they don't get totally murdered....

Later. Apparently I spoke too soon about the whole Habs injury thing...

It would seem that the Habs really want to copy everything Real Madrid does minus the management stuff (and don't hold your breath that there won't be more moaning about that to come). The list of injured players just went up and tomorrow's game is going to be missing a lot of people. Koivu is definitely out for tomorrow and possibly for a while longer. He has apparently suffered a foot related injury. Higgins has been reported to have some type of shoulder injury that will sideline him for at least a month. As you know, Komisarek has been out since that little mess against Boston, but should be back soon, and Dandenault is gone for a while with that broken arm of his (I still can't believe he finished his shift after suffering that injury....That is crazy). Did I mention that Laraque didn't practice today? Same old stuff going on there. Oh and Price is reportedly still sick. The Habbies responded to this by calling up Ben Maxwell and Marc Denis from Hamilton. The thought of having Denis in nets while Ovechkin and Semin are out there on the ice is really not very comforting at all. Officially there's no word on whether or not Price will be okay to at least sit in as backup to Halak but obviously no one's feeling too confident that he will be healthy if they've called up the goalie from Hamilton.

With six mins left to go in the third period, Caps are beating the Sens 3-0. Er 4-0 actually. The NHL's little boxscore things can't add. It says the Caps got 1 goal in the first, 2 in the second and 1 in the third and yet it gives the total as 3. Haha...And yes, Semin and Ovchkin scored... yahoo......erm by the time I finished this stupid post the Caps won 5-1. Yes, Mr. Ovchkin got one of those last two.... *sighs*


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