Just when you thought it was bad....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

...it got worse. Higgins will definitely be out for at least four weeks. He's apparently got the same type of injury that Komisarek had. Speaking of Komisarek...there is a chance that he might be back on Tuesday with the Habs. This could only be good as long as he's fully recovered and doesn't get injured again and will be out for even longer. Koivu is going to be out for at least two weeks with some foot or ankle problem. No word on exactly what's wrong but it doesn't sound good. Oh, and Price got himself injured in practice and definitely won't be in nets tonight. In fact, it seems that he may be out until after Christmas. So it's going to be Halak back in nets tonight and it will be Halak in nets for a while now. Poor Halak. The last thing the poor guy needs is to start off his prolonged netminding term with a game against the Alexes. The one potentially bright spot to all of this is that the Capitals' goalie is Simeon Varlamov and he's never played in the NHL before. Okay, so maybe the AHL team he plays for is the best in the AHL thing right now but his save percentage is worse than Halak's who plays in the NHL. Not that it needs to be good when you've got the Alexes skating around.............

We're doomed.

Yes, this is the point where someone says "no digas nunca 'nunca jamas'" (never say never) and I calm down and stop cursing Ovechkin and all the people who can't say his name right.

In other sad and depressing news in my little sports world

It was lights out for Real Madrid today in Barcelona. Well, it wasn't actually lights out until there were about nine minutes left in the game. Then Barcelona had to go and score not once, but twice. Up until that point things had gone pretty well for Real Madrid. Not wonderful. Barcelona pretty much had pocession of the.. I was going to say "puck" but obviously that's the wrong sport... Ahem, Barca - the team with some of the ickiest home colours ever - pretty much had control of the ball for most of the game and it really was only a matter of when they would score and not if. It's too bad though. Casillas did really well up until then and had some great saves. The second goal was pretty pathetic from Real Madrid's point of view. Messi got the ball on a pass from....Thierry Henry who was pretty much going at the net alone until the Messi came along... and kicked it over Casillas' head. I was frankly susprised that Barca hadn't scored before then. The action was almost completely all at Casillas' end. So kodos to Real Madrid for not completely getting demolished by Barca. Now get to work on getting back up in the league standings and beat the... just beat Barca the next time around.

And as if that wasn't bad enough: The Flyers demolished the Penguins 6-3 which puts the Penguins at third in their division behind the Rangers and the Flyers.... I was hoping that the Flyers would continue along on their losing ways when they started the season losing their first six games. But noooo.....Ick...Fleury was supposed to start today but he didn't and Sabourin was in nets. I'm not a huge fan of Crosby but he really needs to get scoring again.

Ah well.... I just rented the Dark Knight so maybe I'll just depress myself more by watching that instead of the hockey game tonight...who am I kidding? I have to watch the hockey game now...Have to see if Maxwell can hold up against the Alexes...


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