Victory at last!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FINALLY! WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! So sad that I have to get excited over one game....But yay! We won! I ended up missing part of the first period. Apparently I got the time wrong. By the time I turned it on there was 8 something left in the first and Higgins had already scored. Sad, I know. Here's how the rest of it went:

(times may be off because the lovely clock on the TV goes backwards. While this is great if you want to know how much time is left, it's not great when you want to know when something happens. Me trying to do math on the fly = beyond bad).

13: something - Oh they're playing? How come I didnt know? *kicks TV*
16: something - Gorges gets a penalty for... something.... Shouldn't the Senators dude get one for hooking? Oh well. Senators get power play. Lots of agony. Price makes nice saves. Spezza forgets how to score.
19: something - Prices makes a nice save, Ruutu or Spezza... I think it was Spezza, falls on Price. People go flying. Don't people know that you're supposed to put the puck into the net and not the opposing players?
20: something - First period over. I go to ponder why the time got messed up and I missed the goal by Higgins....

2nd period

1-3 - something - Ottawa tries to score. Fails. We also try our hand at knocking the opposing net around. Hey, maybe we should make that part of the game: whoever can knock over the net the most wins!
4-6 something - waiting for something to happen....anytime now....
7 something - do we want Ottawa to score??!!!! the other end people! you can't score unless the puck is at the other end!
8 something - penalty to Ottawa. Lots of cheering. Okay, time to score people!
9 something - .....hello.....? anyone there? ......x-x
10 something - guess not....
12 something - penalty for us
13 something - are we trying to score???! HAHAHAHA...Ottawa can't score....we almost score again! Hahahahaha......
14: 11 WE SCORE!!!!! Well, not we. Higgins! I love you Higgins! And I love you Sergei and Ryan o'Bryn for assisting! 2-0 for us!
15 something - we're singing. it's like a freaking football match... hahah...we're getting noisy for the first time all night.
15:39 - WE SCORED AGAIN! OH! OH! WE SCORED AGAIN! On the face off practically! HAHAHAHAH! Latandress, you rock tonight too! And yay for Lang for assisting. Bwahahahaha.......Silly Senators.....!
16 something - no dying now! Wake up! Score again! C'mooooooon.......!
18 something - When I said score, I didn't mean the Senators score....stop the puck, stop the puck! Price saves.. Let's all try to beat each other up now that the play has stopped....*dies* 4 on 4
18:41 - Spezza goes off for hooking. 4 on 3 for Montreal. Spezza looks unhappy. Sowwy.
19 - 20 - we almost score but don't....Oh well...End of second.

3rd period

1 something - Ottawa almost scores.... HELLO MONTREAL?! WAKE UP!
2 -3 something - oops what was that? some poor Hab got whacked. Fight.... Not a good time.... 4 on 4? What are you saying Koivu? Can't lipread, you know! It's 4 on 3?! We have the advantage? Yes? No? Someone tell me! Yes. We have the advantage. Now we should score, yeah?
5 something - guess not. no more penalty.... waah....
6 something - hello? Price, can you grab the puck? I know you can't see what's going on, but please try to grab the puck. Please. Thank you! Now the rest of you stop fighting!
8 something - was that a freaking breakaway for Ottawa? No scoring, no scoring... I can't watch! Oh! Price blocks it! You idiots are so lucky to have Price!!!!!!!!!! We love you so far Priiiiice!
9 something - We really love you now Price for saving that one too! Where's the defense though?!!!! waaaake up!
10 something - Why is Price getting such a bloody workout???!! Can we put the puck at the other end please?!
13 something - penalty for Komisarek... too bad.....
14 something - Dandenault - can't spell his name- almost scores! You should have had that one. You were all alone! Yeah, you should be looking upset over that. Dont worry too much though. We're still winning, yeah.
15 something - Ottawa almost scores AGAIN.... but Price saves... AGAIN. Can the game just finish now, please, please, please?
16:30 something - Wait, never mind, Higgins has the puck. He's pretty much alone
16:30 something - HIGGINS I LOVE YOU FOR REAL NOW! THIRD GOAL FOR HIGGINS! Dude, we looove you!
19 something - almost done. Almost done... c'mooooon...... let's goooooooooo people......
20:00 - YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! SHUUUUUUUUUT OUUUUUUT! Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! 4-0 for Montreal! EAT THAT OTTAWA! I want to read the Ottawa papers now. Hahaha.... I think I had too much caffeine....Oh well.... I'm not acting like we just won the cup... really.... i'm just... hyped up on too much caffeine.....

My mom's cousin is complaining that no one threw their hats when Higgins got his third goal. Apparently you have to throw your hat when a guy scores a ha trick. Hence the reason why they call it a hat trick. Too bad no one decided to wear hats to the Bell Center.....*pokes people* WEAR A HAT DARNIT! Halak could have thrown his hat.... he looks terrible in it. Kinda like Andy Roddick in those hats he wears while playing INDOORS. Sorry Roddick! You're still awsome at interviews... =p EDIT: Apparently hats were thrown. Obviously all I could see was Higgins' face so I couldn't tell if anyone threw 'em or not. I still think that Halak should have thrown his!

I was going to say that it's too bad the Penguins didn't win tonight but... guess what? THEY WON! 7-6 in OT! OH! EAT THAT WINGS! I almost wish I could have seen that (who decided to schedule as the same day as Montreal vs Ottawa?! *wails*). I'll definitely have to see the highlights tomorrow. Jordan Staal you are the Penguins hero for those two goals at the end.... Mwahahaha....

My night will be perfect if the Flames beat Toronto but I won't know till tomorrow what the results are for that so myeh. I'll take Montreal shutting out Ottawa and Pittsburgh winning over Detroit at the last second. Bwahahahaha.....

Oh and about tennis...Novak won against Davydenko. In three sets. The set that Djokovic lost was pretty sad (0-6 ?!!!!) but he won the match. Apparently Davydenko died in the last set. If Federer goes out I think I may just cheer for Djokovic... or del Potro if he goes through. del Potro still has a chance after beating Tsonga. Sorry Tsonga...I'm really hoping that Roger wins tomorrow can beat Roddick no problem... in theory....i'm going to stop talking in's getting sad now....*sniffles*


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