Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It has been a good 12 hours. Toronto lost to Calgary and Roger won. I wanted to watch Federer play, and I could have, but I had to go out so I missed it *wails* Actually, Roger's win was almost anti-climatic in that Roddick pulled out (ankle injury or something like that) and so they had to grab the next available guy who just so happened to be Radek Stepanek. I don't know if they got him because he was the closest person to Shanghai (he was apparently vacationing in Thailand or something) or what, but the poor guy apparently had to borrow a racquet from Djokovic and I think he ended up borrowing socks from Murray or something. That was kind of sad and amusing at the same time. Anyway, Federer won 7-6(4), 6-4 and he now has to beat Murray who is already through. I'm hoping Murray doesn't try too hard because he knows he's going to get through....He says he wants to win and he'll try but there has to be some part of him that goes "well, maybe that shot was crappy but i'm still through...." Maybe.

I was thinking how lucky Stepanek was to get Djokovic's racquet. I wonder what Djokovic would have done if Marat Safin asked him to borrow his racquet? Safin is, you may all recall, incredibly notorious for breaking racquets. I have yet to see him play a match where he doesn't damage at least one racquet.... It would be like...

Safin: Hey, Novak, can I borrow your racquet? I kinda don't have one.
Djokovic: Okay, I guess....
Safin: Great!
Ten Minutes Later
Safin: Umm... Novak?
Djokovic: Yeah?
Safin: can I borrow another one?
Djokovic: Umm....why?
Safin: Well, I hit the net in the stupidest way possible and so I then proceeded to break the racquet into a million pieces.... It was kinda cool, watching the little bits flying everywhere....!
Djokovic: .......

Apparently my brain hasn't been working at all today after I ran around like an idiot around the house all last night.... too much caffeine = me not sleeping > me being sleep deprived the next day > serious randomness.

Apparently Liverpool and Chelsea are going to play some random teams at some point in the near future.... too bad I won't get to see any of it.... oh well! *dances around*


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