Speaking of shutouts.....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

... I found this lovely bit of information while wasting time at the Canadiens' website (over <HERE>).

486 - Regular season shutouts recorded by Canadiens goaltenders since 1909.
309 - Consecutive minutes that Bill Durnan held off the opposition in 1948-49.
54 - Times the Habs have blanked the Toronto Maple Leafs, making them the club’s favorite shutout victim. Second best? The Boston Bruins, just one shy of the Leafs’ total.
41 - Times the Canadiens have held their opponents off the scoresheet in at least two straight games.
36 - Canadiens goaltenders who have recorded a shutout, beginning with Georges Vezina and going all the way to Carey Price.
22 - Whitewashes registered by George Hainsworth in just 44 games in the 1928-29 season.
6 - Seasons in which a Habs netminder has notched at least 10 shutouts over the course of the campaign. Ken Dryden was the last to realize the feat, doing so in 1976-77.
1 - Goaltenders to have blanked the opposition and scored a goal in the same game. That honor goes to Jose Theodore, who did so against the New York Islanders on January 2, 2001.

I kind of like the blanking the Leafs stat... And the one about Theodore. Haha, I would have loved to have seen that one...

Tennis stuff: Apparently I completely miscalculated who was going through into the semis in the second group. It's going to be Djokovic and Davydenko. del Potro kind of got run over by Davydenko today. Davydenko was just hitting most of his shots really well - there were a couple of Federer-type shots in there - and del Potro kind of has movement issues (tall guys seem to have issues moving around the court well), hence the 6-3, 6-2 result. Oh well. Next year del Potro! I'm sure you can get better at hitting it better but in the mean time you have to go and win the silver salad bowl.

And Tsonga...at least you finished off your trip to Shanghai with a(nother) win over Djokovic. I mean, it's too bad you lost to Davydenko and del Potro but that's okay. You really have to wonder who the world no 3 is (*coughs Murray coughs*). Trying not to freak out completely about Federer though. Stepanek and Federer need to win if Federer wants to go through. I'm sure Stepanek can beat Simon. He's much better...kinda....*wails*

Football stuff: Liverpool died against Tottenham (again!) and Chelsea got booted out of whatever the cup thing is that they're playing in, by Barnley or something that sounds like that. I would cry because Liverpool and Chelsea are supposed to be a lot better than that, but I won't....they can win at one of the billion other things that they play in...


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