Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good news: They scored on a powerplay finally. Bad news: They still lost the game. I'm starting to wonder if this is what it's like to be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. When I brought the subject up to my dad however, he said that I wasn't indifferent enough when they lost, so I guess we're still not at that point yet. Still....it's a tad frustrating (it's probably a lot worse to be a member of the team, so I'll shut up about that). I guess they didn't come out too dead tonight. I thought the beginning went pretty well. They had some nice chances. I mean, it could have been worse. Carolina had a lot of really good chances but completely failed to make the most out of a lot of them. Actually, it was pathetic how ineffectual the Hurricanes were at trying to score. They had way too many really good chances where they completely missed the net. But moving on... I'm not liking the fact that the Habs couldn't get the puck out of their own end for a lot of the game. It seemed to be perpetually inside their end, but my aching head is probably remembering this worse than it actually was. I mean, losing 2-1 isn't that bad. It could have easily been 5-1 or 4-2.... Montreal had some nice chances too and plenty of good blocks. Oh well...I think I have to suffer through another game on Thursday before I get to watch Argentina clobber Spain in the Davis Cup and then the tennis season will truly be over *wails* I think I'll be watching a lot of replays...I always wanted to sit through that Wimbledon final for a second time....and yes, I'm being slightly sarcastic here! Being sick + Habs losing = a very grumpy me


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