Pick a surface any surface!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

....so exaclty what surface are they using for the Davis Cup? I give up trying to stay on top of that.... I was under the impression that it was carpet because they wanted carpet because they knew that Nadal wasn't any good on carpet.... Did I just use the word "carpet" three times in that sentence? Anyway... so while most of Argentina's players are better on clay, they realized that playing on clay was a bad idea because Mr. World No 1 is, totally, like, the best on clay. And so they debated for a while and finally decided to play on carpet because a certain World No 1 dude was supposed to be not good on it and they wanted to be spiteful. So it's their country and they get to pick the surface. Fine by me. But now the official website thing says that it's going to be hard court.... Since when?! No one told me this! When did you make that decision? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS PEOPLE! I guess they figured that they might as well help themselves a bit and choose a surface that at least del Potro isn't terrible on....I don't care if they have to play on astro-turf or whatever... just pick a surface and win on it!!!!! Gah... now my eyes are twitching... well, they were twitching before because I'm still tired and sick...I will be back when the Habs remember how to play and beat the Hurricaines tonight. Gah.


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