How many ways can you say the word "dreadful"?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Actually I've got some. How about terrible, horrendous, crappy, beyond awful, doomed. No matter which word you choose, they all sum up how Montreal did tonight against the Leafs. The result was a 6-3 loss to a clearly inspired Leafs team. The Habs were outshot (42-20), outplayed and ended up in the penalty box way too much again (I lost track of the minutes after the first period). While he gave up six goals, we can thank Carey Price for making sure that the Habs did not completely look like total idiots by losing by a lot more.

While the Habs got off to what now seems to be their normal slow start, it didn't look too much like they would be completely doomed. Sure they got outshot something like 15-3, and they had something like at least 13 minutes in penalties, but it was only 1-0 for the Leafs after the end of the first period. The second period saw things even out a little bit more with the Leafs taking a string of penalties and the Habs actually scoring three goals. Unfortunately Mikhail Grabovski (whose name got botched up on its way from Belarusian to Russian to English) put the Leafs permantely in front towards the end of the second period. From then on out it was all Leafs. They proceded to outshoot Montreal 10-5 and ended up with two more goals. Montreal clearly forgot how to play hockey which sadly coincided with the Leafs remembering for the first time in years how to play.

The one pathetically amusing moment of the game was after Alexei Ponikarovsky scored the sixth (SIXTH! *dies*) goal. He ended up falling into the boards and hit another Leafs dude (can't remember his name) which, if you were watching the game and were looking for something to be happy about, you'd find funny. In a very pathetic sort of way. The really sad thing is I don't believe that Toskala is a particularly wonderful goalie. If the Habs hadn't completely died and forgotten how to play then they would have probably score more goals. Then again, if any team doesn't forget how to play and die then they would score more goals. In theory. Everything makes more sense in theory than it does in practice. I'm going to go and drown myself in green tea because I don't drink beer and pretend that this weekend never happened in terms of hockey. Well, considering how my football teams did earlier this week, I should just pretend that this sports week never happened at all.

Well, I'll finish with two things 1) Federer, you better demolish Gilles Simon on Monday 2) Thank you Ron Wilson for ruining my hockey life! *dies*


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