Byebye Chipper....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[Yeah, like I'm really going to spend time and energy talking about the game last night. I think not. I'll just sob over Chipper leaving instead]


I was going to write something up about Chipper. I was telling some people that I felt incredibly bad for him. I thought he had a solid season last year with the Hammies. I didn't expect him to be kept up here with the Habs. While I was happy that he was going to be given a shot at the NHL, it became pretty clear that he was struggling a lot. I felt bad for him because it's hard to watch any of your guys struggling. I said I fully expected the Habs to waive Chipper once some of the other guys started coming back from injury. I thought at the very least he would be able to go back to Hamilton and get more than 5 minutes of ice time.

Well... clearly the Habs had other ideas.

Chipper is off to Anaheim and the Habs get a fourth round pick in 2011.


I wish Chipper all the best. I hope he gets more than 5 mins of ice time in Anaheim (say "hi" to Koivu for us!). If things don't work out, maybe he can come back to Hamilton? Please?


Grrrreg said...

I was waiting for you to post something about Chips. Very well said. I'm sad too, even if we knew something like that was coming. What really saddens me though, is the way he left: on his very last shift with the habs, he caused the turnover that led to the 2nd leafs goal (while the habs were caught on a bad line change). He was benched for the rest of the game... That's really how the season went for him.

I'll miss him (and I will miss calling him Chips), but I wish him the best with the Ducks. But now Anaheim, stop getting the habs I like! And Montreal, stop messing with your young guys! :/

Eternal Pessimist said...

I didn't do Chipper any justice at all in that post...My brain just sort of stopped working....

Man... that's a horrible way to go. But I really hope he does well. And like I said, if not, he better come back to Hamilton.... D:

Now I need to go write something about our complete lack of drafted players... =/

Number31 said...

I know it looks like everyone that's drafted is gone, but there's still a busload of draftees in the system. (Our best prospects are still kids). Trading Chipper, they did him a big favor. Rather than lose him off waivers too. Hopefully the Ducks can find a spot for him, but if not, I hope he comes back and takes over Hamilton!

Pricey is down one roommate though! :(

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yeah, it makes sense to trade him rather than potentially lose him on waivers and they are doing him a favor by sending him somewhere where hopefully he'll get to play... still though D:

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