I like going away presents

Monday, December 7, 2009

Off to DC tomorrow (eeeeee CAPS!) and as a going away gift the Habs decided to win!


It was a whacky kind game.

  • Local twerp Itty Bitty had a awful goal (re: it was probably nice if you were a Flyers fan). Habs initially looked to want to give the Flyers the win. I know the Flyers were ticked off, but the Habs were just... sleepy. 
  • Local twerp Itty Bitty actually took a penalty for highsticking Hal Gill of all people, in the face. TWERP. 
  • Have no fear! Super Pleky was there to save the day. Err kinda. He made a sweet pass in front of the net to give the puck to Andrei who was standing right in front of Boucher (nope, no Emery tonight). BINGO. Tied game! 
  • Then it was back to botched up passes and zombie skating. From both teams. 
  • RDS was being ridiculous again with some crappy comments about how Lapierre's botched attempt to get into the Flyers zone was Sergei's fault somehow. Peh. 
  • You can only imagine then, how immensely pleased they were when Lapierre did some pretty sick work to get to the net and set up Squishy beautifully. Not use being spiteful to RDS here. Max-Not-Pac did a great job on that assist. 
  • Oh and MAB pretty much proved that he's only useful on the PP. At least he is useful on the PP. He got the Habs third goal of the night!
  • WHOO! 
  • Oh and how did Briere get the second star of the night? Seriously? Should've given one to Boucher! Sheesh. I like Boucher by the way. He helped my team win last year when the Sharks came to town. And now he helped again! w00t. 
  • Apparently that 3 goals in 13 shots (yes, 13 shots over the whole game) is a record. Cool! 
Okay. I will be gone until... well.... Late Sunday.....Will try to catch some stuff, but don't expect any awesome recaps of my really faily teams. Do feel free to cheer for the Habs, Juniors, Voltigeurs and Cyclones while I'm gone, okay? The Juniors especially always do better when I'm not watching them *G*



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