Competitions everywhere and my players keep getting invited

Monday, December 21, 2009

To quote Benoit Brunet: Aye aye aye.....!

Stop with all these competitions, Canada! I can't keep up with who's been invited to which competition.

Aside from the WJC which only has Jake.... EDIT: erm sorry, Joonas Nattinen is also playing.... Several other guys from other teams have been invited to other competitions taking place in the next month or so.

I'm really throwing this out there for my benefit only, but you're free to tell me how stupid I am for trying to keep up with all of this *G*

The Under-17 Hockey Challenge is taking place between Dec. 29th and Jan. 4th. I find it slightly amusing that they call this an international tournament because of the 10 teams participating, 5 are from different parts of Canada. Oh well....  Apparently the Juniors have two players participating for Team Quebec. Only problem is I haven't seen itty bitty Xavi since he injured his wrist back in September and I've never heard of the other guy (Jimmy Oligny). Meh. I liked Xavi when I did see him so if he's actually playing, we definitely have to cheer for him.

The Petes and the IceDogs also have some players participating under Team Ontario. Mat Puempel and Dougie Hamilton (who I definitely noticed in the one IceDogs game that I heard *G*).

Anyway..... the CHL/NHL top prospects who didn't make the cut to the WJC are playing some thingy in Windsor next month. If only Windsor was closer... Wait, who am I kidding? Don Cherry is coaching one of the team. Yeah, no thanks. ANYWAY.

Aside from all those guys I can't stand in the Q because they're that good... IceDogs goalie Mark Visentin is going! Yay! He gets to be on Bobby Orr's team. Which is better than being on Don Cherry's team, I guess... I don't know?

Anyway... YAAAY! The WJC (of which I caught an exhibition game last night on the comp) is making me feel oddly patriotic. It's amusing.


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