PK Subban dumps the Moosies!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nyah!!!!! Hammies came back and squashed the Moosies in OT with a pretty goal by PK Subban. NYAH MOOSIES.

  • Sanford talked Guy into letting him play after he was pulled last night (he was actually sick last night). Teddy was probably a little cranky about having to take the loss last night despite the fact that he faced no shots (the Moosies first EN goal was the winner so Teddy still gets the loss). 
  • Thank goodness the Hammies won actually.... despite being up 3-0 and 4-2 those horrid Moosies kept coming back. If the Moosies had won.... oh boy.... stay clear of Guy! He would've gone crazy... Hammies please thank PK ensuring that you don't get yelled at by Guy :D 
  • It was a scoring fest today... It went something like.... Carle, Carle again and not Benoit and Stewart as it looked like it could have been (chocolate chip muffins go to David and Sergei), Sergei on on the PP, Some Moosie (boo), another Moosie 38 seconds later (booo!!!!!!!), David on the PP (YAY! chocolate muffins for Sergei and Carle), Ketchup on a bloody breakaway (ahaskjdhakdsjhkasdhka) and another Moosie to tie it up. In face you're not counting that made it 4-4 at the end of 60 mins. 
  • Maybe it was just the where the mics were but it sounded like half of the Moosies 13,582 fans were kids. Noisy things...
  • Would poor Sanford EVER beat his former team?! He really wanted to win against the Moosies. Those evil Moosies have a great record in shooutouts and that was seriously the last thing I needed to suffer through....
  • Before OT Guy was probably silently fuming behind the bench. The pressure to win was on! 
  • Guy probably sprouted a few grey hairs after this *g* 

umm wait. That's not the Juniors. These were the adorable little kids skating in-between the first and second period. SO cute. 

Got to see my baby Juniors today. They played a solid game against the Cataractes. I really think they played well enough to win today, but a two on one rush with just two minutes left sunk them (oh yeah, of course it was former Junior Toni Ritter who had the game winner). Sigh. Cataractes then added an empty netter and that was that. I don't know what this team needs to do to finish. I think so many times they've been *this* close but they've fallen just short of a win. They need something. But I wuvs them. So... Yeah. Go check out the pretty pictures of the Baby Juniors :D

  • First was those CA jerseys which were okay actually. Next were those white ones which were still okay. Then the barbepole jerseys came. Didn't like those on the guys. Really don't like the X-mas tree look and now...... the Habs decide to look like the Leafs. ENOUGH of the throwback jerseys. Just sell the things to the fans. Don't make the players wear these! o.< 
  • If the Habs dump just two players, please let it be Laraque and MAB. Please. 
  • Laraque is responsible for the SIX minute PP the Wings were given and I'm blaming him for the two Wings goals..... although in all honesty, nobody was going to do anything about Turnip's SICK goal......
  • Pyatt got time on one of the gazillion 5 on 3 PKs! 
  • Whitey dumped Kronwall before Laraque decided to kill him.... 
  • The Habs were absolutely awful throughout the first period 
  • and the second period was just booooriiiiiiiiiing (which is probably a good thing) 
  • Squishy had two super nice goals to tie the game up. Chocolate chip muffins go to Turtle-Pleky and AK46. 
  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnd...........yeah...... Habs couldn't get the win as they lost in the shootout. After the horrendous first period, I think they showed a lot of character to actually fight back. All in all, considering nobody expected the Habs would get any points last night and tonight, coming away with three is pretty nice. Nyah!!
In other news.... 

  • Sean Couturier had a flipping hat trick as the Voltigeurs beat the Halfix Moosesomethings. 
  • The stupid Caps lost in a freaking shootout to the freaking Leafs. GUHHHHHHHHHHH! Ovie had the Caps only goal.
  • Kovalchuk does not take kindly to be slewfooted. He beat the crap out of Matt Cooke but the Pens still won (we'll say it's mostly because Kovalchuk was dumped from the game). 


Grrrreg said...

WOOO! I was not expaecting a point, indeed. That's a pretty good weekend overall.

And seriously Capitals, get your act together when you play the Leafs...

Eternal Pessimist said...

I am STILL fuming at the Caps. STILL. Idiots. Total. Idiots. When you have guys like OVIE and you play a loser team like the LEAFS and when you should beyond mad after losing to the Habs.... You don't go out and lose to the freaking Leafs. ARGH.

Anyway.. as long as the Habs keep showing that they want to fight for a win (even if they ultimately don't win), I'll be happy with them!

Number31 said...

I just realized perhaps the hit on Kronwall (or CroMagnonWall as I call him) was karma for all the fucking cheap shots he's thrown. I'm still not happy with what Laraque did, but I'm happy with White's hit on him. See? See? Laraque? THAT'S what you should be doing! The kid knows.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Exactly! White's hit should stand as a shining example of how to hit guys who like to throw cheap hits. It's kinda hard to feel too much sympathy for Kronwall after all the disgustingly cheap shots he's thrown, BUT Laraque should never have done that. He needs to be benched for a very long time (well, he needs to be benched anyway because I still think he's pretty useless, but this should just be proof).

Everyone take lessons from Whitey on how to throw a hit :D

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