Last night = Wiiiin

Thursday, November 19, 2009

....meant to write this up last night but I didn't even stay up for the whole Hammies game......still sick.... GUH..... ANYWAY!

Team Q takes their mini-series against the Russians as they won 8-3 tonight! Whoooooooo!

  • No baby Hab, which was pretty sad considering there was LOTS of smacktalk going on. Dumont would have had SO much fun. 
  • I can't believe Team Q was actually losing this game after the first period. Crazy. 
  • How's this for effective PP: 5 of the 11 goals were scored on the PP. 
  • Okay. I admit it. I really like Sean Couturier. Can we tank our team for the next two years and draft Hall or Seguin and Couturier? I'm joking.... kinda.... Maybe we should just draft all the Voltigeurs (minus their faily goalies. Don't want Tardif).
  • First time since 06 that Team Q has won both their matches against Russia
  • I"m running out of creative things to say about this game because I've already kind of forgotten the finer details of it.... damn..... 
And what is better than waking up to the news that the Hammies downed those bloody Abbotsford Heat last night? Right now? Not much is better than that. 
  • "The Heat make the Syracuse Crunch look like a bunch of angels". Flandersdude said something to that effect last night and if you know anything about the Crunch, you'll know that's not exactly a good thing. Put it this way, this team is probably the definition of truculent. 
  • You know Flandersdude is sick when the Hammies score and he's like "and they scoore". That's missing about three gazillion Os. I wasn't even sure who scored at first. 
  • Can we just all say that we love David Desharnais? He got the GWG (and of course Gluuuu got the first assist). 
  • Thiessen makes Koharski look like a brilliant ref. I think it's safe to say that Flanderdude really doesn't like him :D 
  • I wonder if Guy would have actually at least admitted the officiating was terrible if the Hammies lost last night. He wouldn't say anything about Tuesday's game. C'mon, if Barry Trotz can blame the arena clock operator, then surely Guy can at least say that the reffing wasn't great?
  • That PA guy in Abbotsford sounds like one of those automated voices that you always want to punch....Ugh.
  • Bring on the Moosies!


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