In which I try to follow three games at the same time

Friday, November 27, 2009

On the radio no less! It's called "procrastinating 101" :D
  • First up is the Voltigeurs! You know how much they love me? They insist on blowing their games every. single. time. I listen to them.
  • Oh hey... why is there no radio feed for Drummondville? Do they not know that the game is at 6:30 our time? Stupid time difference..... 
  • So... I thought New Brunswick was the only bilingual province? How come these poor guys insist on calling Gabriel Dumont "DooMONT"? And who is "Peee-ette"? I have to re-learn who everyone is... o.< I'll leave Couturier's name alone considering he's not actually from Quebec. 
  • Also... I like Piché a lot better than Tardif. A lot better. He's less faily. 
  • Hammies time!
  • You know this injury thing is a problem when Guy Boucher is saying that it's ridiculous. If Guy says it's ridiculous then it's ridiculous because Guy NEVER says stuff like this. 
  • Maaaaan, Guy is really tough on his players.... He's all like "I won't tell the players this, but yeah, I think we played well enough to win" (the games that they lost against Rochester and Houston). Okay. 
  • There are healthy scratches tonight! GUESS WHAT THAT MEANS?! We have HEALTHY players who can play. 
  • Who's this guy doing the colour commentary? I know you mentioned who he is earlier this week, Flandersdude, but I wasn't listening when you explained it this time. I believe this guy's name is Wes. Hi Wes. 
  • Oh hey is that a goal by Maxwell on the PP? Yes? No? Anyone want to check that? No?
  • *waits* 
  • Get the damn lines people out of the way!
  • *still waiting* 
  • Noooo.... PP coming up for the Monsters. Wait... NOW you're going to see if Maxwell had a goal? 
  • AIEEEE MAXWELL WITH A GOAL! FINALLY! and this means no PP for the Monsters :D
  • Hammies really pressing here. If they'd stop putting it off the crossbar they'd get another goal already. 
  • YAY! Frederic St. Denis with a goal! He just came back tonight too! And "Soo-BAWN" had an assist. Seriously. SooBAWN? 
  • Also... Weiman's name sounds too much like "Wyman" which has me confuzzled..... 
Okay *runs around changing radios*
  • Oh hey.. the Juniors aren't losing to Gatineau! They're not winning either though... Apparently they were winning before.... Poop. 
  • Hahaha... dude on the radio in Montreal says "There's nothing sexy about Gatineau. They're just a solid and disciplined team". It's true. There's nothing sexy about Gatineau. Nothing.  
  • AHAH! I found the radio feed for Drummondville. Stinkers, you thought I wouldn't find it, eh?! I FOUND IT. Finally, someone who can say "Dumont" properly. 
  • Voltigeurs aren`t scoring though......Myeh....... 
*runs back to the Hammies*
  • CARLE SCOOOOOORES! And the PA was just saying that they were starting the second period. Stevenson gets an assist! 
  • Umm do these people in Cleveland realize that their team is losing? Because they're cheering for no reason. Maybe they're secretly Hammies fans? 
  • Oh it's free hot dog night....! That's why they're here.... 
  • so NOW the refs are feeling bad for the Monsters? Give me a break. That was SO tripping. 
*runs off to check the baby Habs and baby Juniors*
  • Oh crap... the Voltigeurs just let in a goal with a few mins left in the third. DAMN YOU VOLTIGEURS.
  • OH! Chouinard with a goal! Juniors up 3-2!!!
  • Oh and yes, the Cyclones are playing. And yes, it's a scoring fest there. And yes, Mayer is in nets. No, I'm not listening to the game. Twitter updates ftw!
*runs back to the Hammies*
  • uhhh can we stop talking about rock and roll, please? 
  • GLUUU scoooores! Did David get an assist? DID HE? He has to be on the ice. He has to be. Otherwise Gluu wouldn't have scored. 
  • Hey...... hello? The dudes gave Murphy the goal? umm no... Murphy was ROBBED by Weiman. Then Gluu scored. I would like to know if David got an assist here. 
  • Just checked... David wasn't even on the ice! Wow, Gluuuu! Still.... no David anywhere nearby = no goals for Gluu. David on the ice or on the bench = Gluu scoring. 
  • Weber down. Please don't be injured..... please...... 
  • HAHAHAHAHA. The Monster fans are STILL cheering. I don't think they know that their team is losing 4-0....
*mutes Hammies*
  • Myeh. Voltigeurs lose. I hate you. At least Dumont had a goal. Where has Philippe been though? *sobs* Where has my dorky looking Voltigeur gone? He's disappeared from the score board!
  • Juniors are off taking a break. Still 3-2. Please don't lose this one. 
*un-mutes Hammies*
  • Shhhhhhh Flandersdude... Don't tell Lacroix that Guy said something good about him.... 
  • Btw... Lacroix has a French accent. For reals. Unlike Guy who has this annoying accent that I can't place easily. I KNOW Guy went to school here and I know he's from some place waaaay up north in Quebec (anything north of Quebec City is WAAAY up north to me), but there's still something weird about his accent.......  /accent rant over. 
  • Hammies are continuing to pressure the Monsters. 
  • HEY WAIT. Why is Teddy out there now? Where is Sandford? Uhoh... he better not be injured.....
  • There is no Sanford on the benches *freaks out* 
  • Rar.... now the Monsters are getting a few good chances.....
*looks over at the Q's website*
  • GUHHH! Someone broke the scoreboard on the Q's website. It won't update the Juniors score. UPDATE. *turns on radio* OH HEY it's 4-2?! The dude said it was 4-2 *listens* 
  • THEY SCOOOOOOOORE! 5-2! Sounds like maybe Asselin? Whatever. THEY'RE GOING TO WIN THIS. 
  • If they screw this up with 2 mins left.....
  • and of course the Olympiques are on the PP now....
  • Goooochiiieee had the fourth goal and Parkes had the fifth. Bwahahahahahah.
*rushes back to the Hammies*
  • nooooooo David has no points in this game?! I'm going to be SUPER greedy and ask David to get a point. Yes, I can complain about this because the Hammies are still winning 4-0. 
  • WHOOOO! Hammies wiiin! SHUUUUTOUUUUT! 
  • I guess Sanford gets the shutout? 
  • Err Mr. Wes-dude.... someone needs to teach you (and Flandersdude) how to say David's name properly. 
  • I like Mr. Wes-dude though. Can we keep him for a while? (seeing as hiring Steve isn't an option).
  • Sanford had back spasms. Here we go again with this..........get better soon!
  • um Al fails at text messaging *G*
  • Cyclones win 6-5 too.
  • I like tonight :D
  • Minus the Voltigeurs.... failures.... 


Grrrreg said...

Well, if Sanford is hurt maybe they can actually call up their only player from the Cyclones this time!

And I'm impressed by your multitasking abilities... :D

Eternal Pessimist said...

True........ but he's listed as day to day right now so hopefully he can at least sit on the bench. We'll find out tonight err this afternoon actually....

And thank you! My skills will be put to the test later in December. I've discovered that ALL of my teams are playing on the same day at least twice in December. This should be fun :D

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