Okay, really, what is wrong with this city?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I've come to the conclusion that all these defensive woes are not just the Habs fault. There is something either in the water or in the air in Montreal.

The Habs were the first to catch it and now the Juniors have come down with it too.

This mysterious illness causes players to forget how to play defense, give the puck away liberally in their own zone, leave the goalie(s) out to dry, and causes the forwards to either miss the net completely or give up fluffy shots on the opposing goalie.

Juniors dropped a 5-4 game to Lewiston tonight. Much like the Habs, they were battling the whole night to catch up to their opponents. Much like the Habs, the Juniors are either missing players or had players playing at half their capacity due to illness. Of course, much like the Habs, sloppy defense and weak goal allowed by the goalie (in this case Berube), killed the game (unlike Price, Berube wouldn't last past the first period).

Trevor Parkes was the equivalent of Turtle-Pleky. In other words, the only guy doing any work. He was rewarded with a hat trick actually.

Unlike the Habs, the refs completely blew this game. Hands down one of the worst games I've followed. Case in point: A Junior gets sent off for tripping when nobody actually tripped. The other guy didn't even semi fall forward - because the Junior didn't touch him! Nobody touched him. Apparently touching the puck = tripping.

This game was supposed to be the Juniors best chance at winning in their four game homestead. The next three teams that they will play are a combined 42-10-2-2. Err actually, I guess that's 42-11-2-2... as it was Fail Night In the QMJHL with the Voltigeurs getting blown up 5-1. Anyway, the point is, Gatineau, Quebec City and Drummondville all lead their divisions. The Voltigeurs were on top of the league before they lost tonight, but they have three games in hand over the league leading Saint John Sea Dogs.

So Juniors. Show up or risk getting demolished at home.

And please, for the love of the Stanley Cup, stop copying the Habs. It's sad already.


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