Where was the finish?!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh boys, you just HAD to fail when I was there, eh? You just HAD to.

  • Me and metricjulie scored tickets for tonight's game (well, Julie scored them. I picked them up).
  • The whole intro bit was awesome. Maybe I should just sit in for the intros from now on. They had a cool bit where they ran all the players' names along the ice (all the guys who have played over the last 100 years). They pulled up a couple of names like Beliveau's and ran some highlights. It was nice.
  • Now that the Habs have established the whole "I am/je suis" part, I think they should move on to the second person. You know, "you are/tu es"...They've clearly mastered the first bit of their grammar lesson (although maybe not Andrei... mom said she didn't hear him say "je suis" before his name on TV... poor guy).
  • MARKOV. Oh my god.... Everyone was screaming their heads off for him when he finally appeared on the screen for his grammar lesson. Didn't hear a word he said although apparently you could hear it on TV. WE MISS YOU, MARKOV. COME BACK!
The actual game... umm let's see, the positives:
  • Stick handling was heaps better
  • D wasn't totally non-existent tonight
  • Pricey's new mask looked awesome from section 325
  • Pricey looked awesome from section 325
  • Belle had a solid night (not blaming that Avs goal on him)
  • Chipper and Dagger seemed heaps better than when they were on that ghastly road trip
  • "Ref you suck". The spectators don't chant that for no reason and they were chanting it loud and clear by the end of the game. I hope the ref has a police escort to get out of the building....
  • Hammer's goal really shouldn't have counted. The puck was pretty much in the netting almost and the refs didn't stop the play (was trying to figure out why Anderson was whining during the game but apparently that's the reason). Mind you, they screwed up on that third Avs goal, so maybe we're even? Almost.
  • Gui!.......... I'm not a fan.
  • Hal Gill. Why did we sign you? He has become the next Breezer.
  • Ref you suck.
  • Second period, you sucked. Why did the Habs die in the second?
  • Habs, why can't you finish a play? Total lack of finish finished you off tonight. Bury that puck into the back of the net. PLEASE. That was BRUTAL to watch the puck just go sailing by the guy who was camped out beside Anderson. BRUTAL.
  • On the topic of Andrei not saying "je suis", the guy can barely speak English so forget French. Even if it's just "je suis". Apparently they asked Turtle-Pleky how he communicates with Andrei and he just laughed before saying "English, Russian, Czech, whatever works". I really think Andrei (and Sergei) have seriously communication issues. That shouldn't stop the guy from shooting the bloody puck though. That's going to be Andrei's new motto from now on: Shoot the damn puck. What is that in Russian?
  • Oh and hey, Nordiques fans.... the Avs are the Avs. Not the Nordiques. Got it? The Avs don't even have any players who played for the Nordiques. Get over it.
  • THERE WERE PEACHHAWK SCOUTS AT THE GAME. TWO OF THEM. Huet, you better smarten up so they don't come after my poor little Slovak goalie. If they do, I'm putting the blame FULLY on you, Huet. GOT IT? GOOD.
Edit: Umm what the HELL? How the hell did I miss this one? Count the Habs.

Uh yeah, that would be SEVEN of them out there. And we didn't even get called on that....Absolute proof that the refs are blind.

In other news:

  • DAMN YOU OVIE. 2 freaking goals and 13 shots in the win over the Sharks?? DAMN. Don't be all Mr. "Watch me score a pile of goals in under 30 seconds" when I'm not watching. DAMN.
  • DAMN the Sens beat the stuffing out of the Bolts. Not a good sign for Saturday.
  • Juniors, get your act together before tomorrow night. Or else. I want a solid effort from you, even if you lose (although losing to Patrick Roy's team would make me sad).
  • There was a really sweet article in the Hamilton news paper about PK. About how he's always perky and all that. My favorite bit was when they said Boucher calls him "Mr. Subban" because when he shouted "PK" the penalty kill unit jumped up. Oopsies.


Grrrreg said...

A few things:

- I liked the intro too (I saw it on the rds website this morning). Really cool, even if they had a few microphone glitches.

- What what what? "Je suis/tu a"? Oooh EP, you can do better than that! ;p

- I really didn't like the Avs third goal. Not because of the refs, because of the habs. Really stupid play.

- I think this game made it clear that you actually are bad luck to the habs when you're in the bell centre. (Except when you're going with me of course) Sell your remaining tickets immediately! :)

Eternal Pessimist said...

Sssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh sleep deprived people forget their verbs............ And besides, read the profile: Often grammatically incorrect. XP Should have added "especially at 12:30 in the morning".

Damn, I KNEW you were going to catch that... I came running back to fix it but you got here first. ahdskjashkjyauashd...


I blame it on the crazy Nordiques fans who STILL haven't realized that the Avs are the Avs and not the Nordique (they don't even have any players who were on the Nordiques anymore for god's sake).


I think this just proves that you need to come back here so that I can go to a game and they can win :D

Justin said...

Nice pic on Puck Daddy of 7 Habs skaters in the offensive zone at the end of the game. Wow.


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