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Friday, October 30, 2009

Bad streak be gone!

JUNIORS FINALLY WON A FLIPPING GAME! I was going to write about it last night, but I actually missed most of the game. They kicked Halifax over and won 6-4. I got stuck with the Halifax feed actually and it wasn't too fun. They called the Juniors the "Rocket" (that's PEI's team) at one point and totally forgot to call the Juniors 6th goal. And they were SUPER mopey when my team FINALLY ended their six game losing streak. Well, excuse me! Sheesh. Anyway, Baby Marcoux made the trip because Jake is apparently sick and had to stay put. Which means... Berube will probably do all the work on this eastern roadtrip. Which means..... eeeeek.....

The semi-good/semi-bad streak

The Hammies point streak lives on! They're continuing their new franchise record, however, nobody is happy because they've now dropped their last two games in shootouts. Something needs to be done about these shootouts. The Hammies record isn't getting too pretty right now.

You know what though? Abbotsford is a pain.They play tight on defense, don't care about flashy offense... they keep the score low. I dont' like them. Not. At. All.

If the Hammies could actually get a PP goal in the near future, I would be happy. I know Guy says he's been working on getting everyone used to the system and trying to figure out who would actually work on the PP, but...... it would be nice if everyone could figure it out sooner rather than later *G*

Flandersdude and Al think that Desharnais would really help Glumac who has completely forgotten how to score a goal this year. I hope for his sake - and the Hammies sake - that Desharnais is the answer to Glumac's problems. Speaking of David, he could be back for the Hammies game at the Bell Centre. I really hope this is true because I really like Desharnais and would LOVE to be able to see him play.

I hope Guy isn't yelling at them too much, but I really hope that this isn't the start of a losing streak. Hammies need to pull it together. And soonish, please.

The bad streak... 

Habs are now officially on a losing streak.

  • I hope Dagger is okay after Ladd went head hunting.... If Richard's didn't get suspended for totally Booth then there's no way that Ladd is going to get suspended. 
  • When did the D decided to not show up when Price plays? I thought they always showed up for Price but ditched Halak? Hmm... don't like either habit of leaving one of the goalies to dry.
  • At least Squishy had a goal. And Moen too. 
  • I think the Habs must be cabbie drivers in their spare time because they gave Peach Fuzz WAY too much space out there.
  • Someone give AK46 a huge bucket of redbull before tomorrow' night's game. Maybe THAT will wake him up. 
  • Price gave the team a chance to win the game. They didn't take the chance and burned him. 
  • If Martin puts in Halak because Price lost night, I will go crazy. You know I love the little Slovak goalie but damnit, this was a game that Price deserved to win. But for all you Halak-haters out there... did you see Jimmy Howard last night against the Oilers in the first period? Be thankful that we have Halak and not Howard. That was some brutal goaltending. 
In other depressing news:
  • Streit had the OT winner against the Caps
  • Jackets imploded and lost to the Pens in a shootout after having a 3-1 lead. 
  • Leafs lost in OT to the Sabres. Sad to say, the Leafs are looking a lot better. This isn't going to be pleasant tomorrow. 


Number31 said...

If Price doesn't play for the whole bloody month, Martin is out of his fucking miiiiiiiiiiind. Seriously. Jaro should have done his scheduled Thrashers game and then back to Price so he wouldn't need to play tomorrow night. Frankly I could have had a shutout on that first Islanders game... Coach screwed it up royally there.

And if these guys could finish, Price would be leading the League in assists by a goaltender already.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT FRIDAY!!! I'm thinking of bringing some signs with my brother, so when the Dogs score we'll hold them up. The sign would say "Scoooooooooooooooooooooooores!" ;D

Eternal Pessimist said...

Omgomgomgomgomg, that would be an awesome sign! :D

I think I need a sign too.... I wonder what I'd put on it though.... I've got a week to figure this out *G*

I can't get over how hyped I am for this Hammies game. Seriously :D

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