Regular season here we come!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Habs finished up their last pre-season game with a win. After getting demolished in the first period, it sounded like they were pretty lucky just to be down 2-0. Thankfully, Pricey decided to show up and that ended the Sabres goal-scoring fiesta. As the game wasn't on the radio and I got bored and put on the Leafs/Wings game (shut up!), it was kinda hard to follow the Habs exactly.I can tell you that Pyatt was demolished by Kaleta and that O'Byrne tried to demolish Kaleta and that both took a pile of minutes in penalties. I can tell you Gio had a PP goal in the second period, but I seriously can't tell you how he got it. Turtle-Pleky got an assist! Lapierre tied it up with 22 seconds to go in the second after yet another penalty was about to be assessed to the Sabres (really, it was a bit of a parade to the penalty box for everyone tonight). Pricey did most of the heavy lifting to make sure the Sabres didn't come back with more goals. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd GUESS WHO GOT THE GAME WINNING GOAL? Steewieee the rock headed almost-enforcer! Aiie! Metro ended the night with two assists as well! Wheee!

On the other side of the pond, the Hammies did what they were supposed to and demolished the Belfast Giants by 7-0. They'll play the hated Marlies (who only won 6-1 over the Edinburgh Capsomethings) for the Gardiner Cup tomorrow. The match was obviously lopsided although the Giants goalie did a fantastic job considering he faced a whopping 52 shots compared to just 14 for the Hammies goalies (somewhere Jaro is sadly shaking his head in understanding). He did a good job of keeping the Hammies' scoring down to just one goal after the first period after White scored on the PP. Unfortunately for him, it fell apart in the second period when PK did all the work only to have Russel take credit for their second goal just 12 seconds into the second period. Brrrrock Trotter added one and Russell took more credit for another goal after PK did all the work again. Johnansson, Anderson and Brrrock Trotter (again) would score in the third to completely stomp on the Giants. I really want to trade the Marlies for the Scottish announcer dudes. Flandersdude even had a brainmeld with one of them as Giants goalie almost allowed another goal.

Annnnnnnnnnd Hockey Night in Toronto is back. And guess what they were playing tonight? Hmm yeah. Leafs/Wings game. Meh. Wasn't really paying attention other than to diss the Leafs and scream at the Komisaurus.


And yes, this post is lame. I'm tired. Pooh.


Number31 said...

I could use some more BRRRRRRRRRRRRRROCK TROTTERism. Please, Derek Wills. Come call Habs games.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Flandersdude would be SUCH an improvement over the guys on CJAD who were putting me to sleep last night D:

Yves said...

Regular season!!

I've missed you soo!

I managed to catch some game highlights from last night.... glad to see Stewart got the winner!

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