Hammies are baaaaack!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eeee Hammies squashed the Marlies 1-0 in their pre-season game. YAY! Missed the first half but it was SO great to hear Flandersdude again. And he got some help from some Scottish dude was pretty awesome too. Hey, how about we trade the Marlies for the Scottish dude? The Scottish dude said people in Edinburgh hate all the other teams anyway so the Marlies would fit right in with the hatefest.... but then I'd have no one to hate.... Oh well.

A few things to note:
  • They seem to like the Hammies. I heard on the radio the other day that the dudes in Scotland were pretty insistent on having the Hammies come to play.
  • More evidence that they're loved in Scotland: They had 300 kids at the their morning skate. Maybe we could loan some of these kids to the Coyotes?
  • The radio kept cutting out. Apparently this was an issue in Edinburgh. Only mentioning this 'cause Flandersdude never knew when it cut out so it was amusing as he tried to figure it out.
  • The ref in Scotland decided to make up the rules. He apparently made a movement that looked like "he was trying to land a plane". Play stopped but nobody could figure out what the deal was. Not Flandersdude who wondered if this was some special Scottish rule nor the Scottish dude who insisted this wasn't a Scottish thing either.
  • Why was there a guy on the Marlies called "Hamilton"? Seriously. "Here comes Hamilton for Toronto". GUHHHHH!
And yeah...

To sum up the Habs game:

Sobotka..... be thankful you're still in one piece after hurting my goalie tonight. Be very thankful.

...although despite the uh loss, I liked a lot of what I was seeing. So. Yeah. Thank you Sergei for the goal. Thank you Turtle-Pleky for helping on that goal. Thank you PP for not looking like the OTHER team was on the PP. Thank you Gomer for the awesome PK at the end of the game. And yeah. Someone please smash Sobotka next time. No matter what league he's in. Smash him. And yes, this is coming from someone who actually almost likes the little Czech bulldozer.

Let's just celebrate the Hammies coming back and Jaro not being dead.


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