Gauthier wanted to be a Hab?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I think Bob Gainey must have lost his mind.

I really do.

Apparently Denis Gauthier wanted to play for the Habs and Gainey said no.

Seriously, what is going on, Bob?!! How could you say "no" to signing Denis Gauthier?

Betrand Raymond wrote the other day that Gauthier's agent approached Gainey during the Draft and asked if he would have a place on the team for Gauthier. Gainey being Gainey initally said "We'll talk later". Then when the free agency period came up, the agent called him up and really politely asked if Gainey had considered signing his client.

And do you know what Gainey said? Do you know what he said?!

"Keep calling other clubs".

Oh my god. How could you say such a mean thing, Bob? That is just so... so... cruel!

Gauthier is perfect for this team. He's a local guy, he speaks French, he loves the public and he wouldn't go around St. Laurent street at weird hours. What more could you want?

Oh you mean he has to be able to play hockey too? Well he does! He's had 2 goals in his last season with the LA Kings. That's 2 more than he had during his two year stint with the Flyers. And he had 2 assists. How many did that Russian Markov have last season? Exactly! Gauthier also had 90 PIM and god knows how many suspensions. Plus he turned Josh Gorges' brains into jelly.

So you see, there really is no reason why Gainey shouldn't have signed him. He's perfect for the Habs.

[note: yes, I am being 100% sarcastic in this post. Do not think for a second that I would actually want Gauthier here. Because I don't.]


Number31 said...

Demers to the Senate? Sure why not. Gauthier to the Habs? NON!

Eternal Pessimist said...

I really do not like the idea of Demers in the Senate and it's not because I'm not a fan of the guy in the first place... but anyway.... I won't bring up politics here.

Gauthier is happily NOT a Hab so we can all thank Bob for that (that would've been an absolute nightmare).

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