Frazzle time

Monday, September 14, 2009

Whoever predicted Delpo would be in the final should be given a medal. Seriously. With all this "Andy Murray is going to win the US Open!" and when that failed all the "Rafa is going to beat Roger and win the US Open" everyone forgot about Delpo.

I don't think I've seen one match of his on TV. Okay. Maybe one. But that's it. And Cilic annoyed me with all his errors so I called it quits.


Frazzle. Frazzle. Frazzle. He completely smashed Tumbleweed. Completely. 6-2 6-2 6-2. How much of this crappy score is because of our poor Spaniard's NEW injury, I don't know. But what I did see from Delpo was some great tennis regardless of what his opponent was doing. And that my friends is bad news for us Roger fans. I've having nightmares of Delpo smashing his way through a set or so against Roger.

There is one tiny ray of hope here. And that is this: While Delpo has the capabilities of doing some serious damage to the TMF (and he very nearly did some devastating stuff in the semis at Roland Garros), he has never been in a Grand Slam final. This is good news because you can't ever undestimate the power of being in your first final. Just look at the last two years here. Nole in 07 and Muzzy in 08. Both newbies to the Grand Slam finals and both losing to the TMF. We can only hope Delpo does the same: choke under the pressure of his first final.

That being said... I still think that it'll be a tough match....adkjsdkjahsdkjahkweu

Frazzle... frazzle... frazzle...

In other happier news....

Congrats to Kim Clijsters! This is such a fantastic story for her. Coming back after two year break (and a having an adorable kid). When everyone else was imploding, she was playing solid tennis. I never saw her play before, but she looked to be playing with conviction in this tournament. She kept her cool for the most part. I like this very muchly.

Welcome back to the tour, Kim!

I think Jada could get used to sharing some camera time -and the trophies - with mommy.


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